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La Tale

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  • Name: La Tale
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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La Tale

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
EU Aeria Games Discontinued N/A N/A
US OGPlanet Release Official Site N/A

La Tale Media

About La Tale

In this tale, though, the story of adventure and discovery that unfolds all revolves around you. The word "La" is a bit trickier. La is a word, but it is also a musical note and much more. Likewise, La Tale is rich with beautiful music, art, and storytelling. Together, La Tale becomes an incredible journey across strange and beautiful lands, tying together swords, sorcery, science, art, music, and much more. This tale began with Iris Livier. Now, the journey to uncover the mystery of Iris has become your story.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 98/2000
  • CPU: Pentium3 866Mhz
  • Hard Drive: 1 GB
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB
  • Graphics: Geforce4 MX


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Latale = The fun. Its B+ rating may deteriate your opinion, but m in my opinion, I can stop playing this damned game. If you feel like playing something slightly more realistic and abit easier then Maple, I recommend giving Latale a try atleast. Also, if you like Anime, escpecially Korean Anime Games, Latale might be for you to try out.

FlareRai - 05-14-2010

Don't let the B rating chase you away that is on this page go by the A rating that is in the rating area. Believe me the music and controls are very nice. If your an fan of classic sidescroll action and that anime feel then you will be right at hom with this MMO.

OtakuMitsubushi - 02-21-2010

srsly. its fun.

TeddyzAndPenguin - 01-01-2010

Hey guys.
Although Latale got rated B here,
i highly recommend this game.
First of all, Latale has great graphics and detail.
It has a friendly community, and the GMs are dedicated to solving any problems through the help desk.
The game itself is a 2D MMo.
Check it out! :]

kariru - 12-16-2009

la tale is a very fun game once you get the hang of it trust me i ahve been playing la tale for a year now XD. also rember to check the fourmus for contests and events etc. but the only downfall of la teal is that once you reach lvl 61-63 thre will be not that many quest and you WILL have to grind alot. Also once you reach lvl 68+ u will need alot of help on those hard quests DX.

NOTE FOR BEGINERS: try the new engineer class its ood for beginers and if u guys need any help send me mail thru that red guy send to Darkchild20 and i will be glad to help you.

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DarkChild20 - 11-19-2009

This game is a perfect game in short amounts of game play and long amounts. It has a good balance of content that will keep both players satisfied. It is perfect for new players, providing lots of quests and in-game help and advice to show you what's what and where to go, how to level, what to kill, what to buy, ect.. It has a nice choice of different and unique jobs, each with their own weapons, and even then with their own skill trees. The amount of customization is very nice, with many different ways to build your character. It's very easy to level, and it retains that "casual" feeling throughout the entire spectrum. Don't let it fool you though, even as a casual game, hardcore players will find much comfort in it. The community does feel small at times, which does make the events feel stale after a while. The market can be rough because of this. The fashion shop is very very balanced, the best fashion shop I've ever played. This has to be the best free MMORPG I've ever been on. Recommended to every one who likes your "standard" MMORPGs. Good story, too!

SOC - 11-17-2009

This game is a lot of fun. When compared to other MMORPGs this game provides a much faster leveling experience than anyone could have imagined. My first time playing, I thought the art was a bit weird. After playing for week, I was used to the art and enjoying the game system. Everything was a lot of fun at first. After getting to a high level, I thought it would become much harder to level. To my surprise it wasn't. There are also many things that this game lacks. For one there isn't enough of a player base. This is a good thing in that everyone is very friendly and many people know each other, but on the other hand there is a lack of activity at times. This results in there being almost no market. When searching for an item you want... 90% of the time the market won't have it. The flaws can be ignored and having fun with the nice community is always an amazing experience.

Shugi - 11-14-2009

La Tale Videos

La Tale - ggFTW First 10
La Tale - ggFTW First 10
Uploaded: March 23rd, 2011

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La Tale News

Massive La Tale Expansion Revealed

OGPlanet has just announced an enormous expansion for their hit side-scrolling MMO La Tale. The expansion, titled 'Sky Kingdom', will be bringing with it a bunch of new features, ... Read more

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