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La Tale Review by Hekutaa

  • Author: Hekutaa
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

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LaTale is an MMORPG that takes you into an action-packed world filled to the brim with monsters and other creatures. Players of Grand Chase and Maple Story will come to understand its gameplay, for La Tale plays very similarly to 2-D sidescrolling beat-em-ups. La Tale boasts many things, from its colorful environment and flashy graphics which push 2-D art to the limit.

The game also features familiar, but different character classes. One may take the path of the warrior with two-handed swords and spears, or take the swift archer with its collection of ranged attacks. The game also features original job paths, but still retains some similarity to other MMOs. For instance, take the "explorer" class, or the "ranger" class. They specialize in daggers, crossbows and bows in their first job, but when they continue to their second job, they may choose to hone their latent abilities of dagger and bows, or choose to practice a completely new job class which uses a completely different weapon and a new way of using your character: the gunslinger.

La Tale Review Images

The spear warrior in action--mowing down groups of foes with ease

All classes in LaTale (with the exception of one) follow this branching tree, which allow for great choices, for all of the classes in La Tale are well-balanced to the point that no class can be insanely overpowered than the other (with the exception of having insanely overpowered weapons via refining, etc.) Furthermore, La Tale has recently released (in the foreign version) an add-on to the classes, where one can interchangeably swap their third job weapon for one of completely different caliber, which bolsters the game's uniqueness.

La Tale Review Images

The duelist: Long-range characters that pick off foes from a distance

La Tale also makes use of its graphical prowess by having fashion items within the game's real-money shop. However, not all of the fashion items are exclusive to those with money; individuals with in-game money can purchase a very limited amount of fashion items, which, in my eyes, gives a level of fairness to those without money to expend into the real-money shop. Additionally, there exist no overpowered weapons in the real-money shop, so the weapons in the game will be the only weapons you can use (except for fashion weapons, which simply changes the look of your weapon).

The skills in La Tale deserve their own critiques, mainly because the developers put a significant amount of work into them. Instead of having a regular, hacking strike, La Tale bolsters that simple skill into a strike of fire and a flurry of blinking lights. The skills range from anything from a succession of three strikes with a sword to slamming down a grand piano in front of your opponent. The only problem with the immense amount of graphics in La Tale is that it can make your computer writhe in pain and give you horrendous amounts of lag. Granted, it is fun watching ten fire balls explode in similarity to Michael Bay explosions in front your enemies, but nobody wants their screen to freeze and find out that your character has died.

The PvP in La Tale is downright intense. The game gives an excellent balancing of one character's health and other characteristics (like MP) when fighting an opponent of a significantly higher level. (I tried this when I was level five against a high-level. Before PvP began, I had around 500 HP, but in the PvP happenstance, I had around 5,000) However, the graphical lag of skills mentioned above hurt the PvP to the point that some battles may turn into a battle of "the one who lags the worst, wins."

All things said, LaTale is a fantastic game. It boasts tremendous amounts of creativity with its skills and fully unique job classes and exciting PvP, along with its great artwork and soundtrack.

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