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Kitsu Saga Review by Hekutaa

  • Author: Hekutaa
  • Last Updated: April 12th, 2011

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Kitsu Saga is a martial arts-style MMORPG that plays very similarly to Grand Fantasia. However, unlike "Grand Fantasia," this game greatly exceeds some aspects that Grand Fantasia failed to deliver.

If one has played "Grand Fantasia," then you will be right at home with the interface of the game. It's a standard 3-D MMORPG where your character can run around freely and beat up monsters on a field. There are a plethora of quests, so grinding is very scarce. Additionally, Kitsu Saga implements a system that practically hand-feeds you where to go for quests, ranging from clicking a button to get you to a monster mob or even returning back to the person that issued the quest without you having to do all the travelling. This little augmentation is a godsend to some, for having to click across a long way can get a little boring.

Kitsu Saga Review Screenshots

Classes in Kitsu Saga are very similar to traditional MMO classes, but at the same time very different. You can choose eight different classes (or "disciplines" in the game), ranging from the Clearmind Style or the Watermon Style. All classes have their own skills and weapon proficiencies. However, unlike some MMOs, classes in Kitsu Saga cannot advance to another job class. For me, this removes the gratification and achievement of reaching another job because there is no real reward for leveling up, aside from increasing the strength of your skills.

Kitsu Saga Review Screenshots

What links Grand Fantasia to Kitsu Saga is the similarities in their weapon and armor creation system. Personally, I think it's the same, but Kitsu Saga makes it look way more complicated that it should be. First off, every new player gets a travelling, adorable companion called a "Kitsu." You fox-like friend will be your lifeline for good weapons and armor later in the game. The problem is that your little friend will have to get an innumerable amount of items (which take up a large amount of in-game time) and actually make the item. It sounds good, but let me tell you, it will be torture. In the later levels, failure rates for weapons will be enormous. This leads you into a cycle of getting more materials, and making the item again. But what about your Kitsu? It has feelings too, and it will be bummed out if it fails in making your item. And guess what: that makes it harder to make an item. The Kitsu system sounds good on pen and paper, but when the later levels some, it's easier ľand a lot less annoying- to buy an overly-inflated weapon on the user marketplace instead of screaming at your virtual pet to make that item.

PvP is faced-paced. However, it is not very balanced; in truth, I find it to be a competition of who can attack who faster and who has the better equipment. It's a nice little addition, but I find it a tad unbalanced.

All in all, Kitsu Saga is worth a try. It has better graphics than its spiritual counterpart, Grand Fantasia, but the Kitsu system may be frustrating at times.

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