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GunZ Review by lol

  • Author: lol
  • Last Updated: April 10th, 2011

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GunZ: The Duel is a game developed by MAIET Entertainment. In North America, it was first released as a global server, 'GunZ International'. It was then brought over to the North American audience by ijji, introducing the new quest feature. In Korea, its popularity revolved around its unique style of game-play compared to other shooters. One time, MAIET had removed the unique, more competitive aspects of the game due to complaints. They realized it was a bad move as players constantly started quitting. They quickly readded the aspects back in the game as players were constantly quitting. There has recently been a new trailer for GunZ 2: The Second Duel. They promise to keep the unique aspects of GunZ: The Duel for this new game.

GunZ Screenshots

Graphics and Audio:

T he graphics of GunZ are not very impressive compared to today's newer games, since it's a pretty old game. They're tweakable to make maps look 8-bit, to give a more competitive edge to the game. The newer updates, called GunZ 1.5, have added a few newer items which stand out quite a bit. The maps are both fantasy-like and practical to play, but are not a very attractive feature.

The background music isn't very fresh, and gets in the way at upper skill-levels. It's recommended that you mute it to be able to listen to footsteps of others. 'Soundplay' is a skill which is recommended to develop, like any other shooter, to be able to determine another player's location by the sound of their movements. Sounds also aid in executing moves.

GunZ Screenshots


The game itself is a very competitive game with a steep skill curve. You must learn how to execute many advanced moves which require pressing many keys. The upper-leveled player presses over 4 keys per second, excluding mouse clicks. This may take weeks to months to learn, depending on how much you play.

The game's popularity grew around the unique 'Korean Style' of playing the game. Terms such as 'Butterfly', 'Half-Step', 'Reload-shot', are thrown around to dub the names of 'moves'. These moves originated from Korea and are the sole reason of why the game is unique. Each move demands a sequence of dashing and attacking. You can get around the game just fine by aiming and shooting, but you must adapt to how fast players move. Female characters are easier to play than male characters, too. They have a smaller hitbox and better animations that aid Kstyle.

If one wants to avoid the competitive nature of the game completely, they can enjoy the Quest feature of the game, where you may shoot down monsters with predictable AI.


The community itself is comparable to many typical FPS games. On one side, you have your typical FPS community, very competitive and bad-mannered. Players are always comparing their skill levels. However, this is a TPS, and is named GunZ: The Duel. One measure of skill level is how well you are able to duel. The game is always being disapproved of because of hackers, but the in-game 'kick' vote function always works well. In today's games, you rarely encounter hackers.

On the other side, you can potentially find a neat community with Clans. Some clans are like brotherhoods such as the dagger-wielding community. Others you might join today and leave tomorrow. They cost basically nothing to make, and you can have an emblem representing the clan. You may develop your skills by playing together and compete against other clans via the game's clan war, a great match-making system. Ijji hosts very competitive clan tournaments regularly as well. The game itself is in currently in a state between dying and rebirth while players are both leaving and joining. There's also a fondness for oldgens, ones who have played the game for years.


Overall, I rate the game a 7/10. The positive aspects are its unique, competitive gameplay. The negative aspects are its learning curve and graphics. In GunZ 2, they are definitely promising better graphics, as well as easier execution for Kstyle. Hopefully it won't be disappointing.

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