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Grand Chase Review by Hekutaa

  • Author: Hekutaa
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

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Grand Chase, a game that shares its similarities to classic arcade beat-‘em-ups, just like Street Fighter or Double Dragon, so fans of the game will come to see the familiar "combo count," over the top skills, and the sheer excitement of beating your opponent into a pixilated pulp.

The game introduces three heroines of Grand Chase, Elesis, the knight clad in red, Lire, the elven sharpshooter, and Arme, the powerful mage. They fight off a monstrous entity by the name of Kaze'aze, where she has torn apart two kingdoms with her nihilistic thoughts and coaxing their leaders to wage war upon each other. Along the way, the three recruit ten members (at least, should the player acquire a mission scroll and complete its requirements) to combat against the monstrosity. Additionally, after the terror of Kaze'aze has been eliminated, the members of Grand Chase find themselves fighting against an angry god, a nation full of machine, and a whole new slew of enemies.

Grand Chase Review Screenshots

Tornado Stringer - one of the many skills in Grand Chase

The game play in Grand Chase is fairly simple: Start at point A, reach point B, and kill everything in between. Beat the endboss and go on to the next level. Occasionally, there will be some dialogue before, during, and after battles, which gives a fair amount of character development and a better sense of the storyline (Ironically, since most players are in a rush to finish the level, they mostly skip the dialogue). Characters also have access to skills in addition to the standard attacks given to you, which can be used to annihilate an opponent.

Grand Chase, has a total of thirteen characters, all of which have access to four job classes (with the exception of newly-created characters released in the past two months) , all of them having their own unique weapon and their own spin on usage, ranging from a storm of magic swords with the Abyss Knight to the rain of slashes from the Spear Maiden. The classes are unlocked through a simple, yet long-winded task that requires the player to partake in PvP and running through dungeons. Grand Chase is also in the making of skill trees for some characters, which greatly bolster their ability to fight with one job.

Grand Chase Review Screenshots

Seighart - one of the thirteen playable characters.

The community in Grand Chase is separated into three distinct personalities: Very nice and helpful, the horrible, egotistical, "trolls," and the silent. In the server and PvP chat rooms, spamming of emoticons, NSFW conversations, and outright insulting takes place. Fortunately, there exist a number of GMs in the game to help alleviate some of the negativity, but the lewd conversations never seem to end. In dungeons, where all the players are united in a goal to beat the level, are unusually kind and helpful to each other.

The PvP environment boils down to who can beat the other opponent faster. In the early levels, PvP is quite simple, because you play with newcomers with the same abilities, but in the later levels, one must master the abilities of a character to excel. Additionally, a lot of the high-tiered players often "rage-quit," fling insults, or, in some cases, threaten to hack one's account if they lose. Unfortunately, PvP serves a LARGE aspect in leveling up your character and advancing to one job class to another.

All in all, Grand Chase is quite a fun play, but the only drawback comes from the extremely negative community and the direct focus on PvP.

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