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Grand Chase

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  • Name: Grand Chase
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Grand Chase

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
PH Level Up Games Release Official Site N/A
SEA Asiasoft Online Discontinued N/A N/A
US Ntreev USA Discontinued N/A N/A
US SG Interactive Release Official Site N/A

Grand Chase Media

About Grand Chase

The Kingdoms of Serdin and Kanavan have always thrived side-by-side on Bermesiah in peace for as long as anyone could remember, until the Queen of Darkness, KazeAze, infiltrated Kanavan, killed the ruling queen's most trusted advisor, disguised herself as him, and manipulated the Queen of Kanavan to wage a full-scale war with Serdin which lasted for five years. Many lives were lost in battle and much of the continent was levelled until either queen discovered who the culprit was. By then, it was too late, for KazeAze had fled. The Queen of Kanavan dispatched a group of elite warriors, known as Trackers, to find KazeAze, but all of them disappeared mysteriously. The Queen of Serdin was determined to prevent another war of such devastating magnitude from taking place on Bermesiah again. To this effect, she created an army of warriors who are aligned to no one, and will fight for the tranquility of the entire continent. She named this army "Grand Chase".

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • CPU: Pentium IV 1.5GHz
  • Hard Drive: 2.5 GB
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB
  • Graphics: GeForce 6000 series


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Pretty fun game

Apolllo - 01-23-2012

Love this game the only thing i hate is the pvp i mean... the grab system its ok i grab too but there are people spam it and do like 20 grabs per match and that pisses me off...

primeshamrock - 07-04-2011

Its an above average game Pvp is a bit disappointing however

HideInYellow - 06-19-2011

I like the game but the PvP was awful cause of the lag :(

hiromanake - 06-09-2011

Relatively new comment referring to the recent major update, CHAOS, I will commence high-light of notable things.
1) Absurdly fast leveling (faster than maple story after big bang)
2) Major changes to job change, no more will you need to grind a stage for some random drop rate, missions now require you to do some fairly challenging missions such as hero dungeon and champ modes.
3) Crafting System, remastered with gear that have set effects, some pieces are craft-able into epic grade making it a match for cash sets in shop.
4) Renewed Equips, previously unreleased weapons and armor are now released, now with more 2nd, 3rd, 4th job weapons.
5) Dual weapon system, equip up to 2 weapons and switch between them during dungeon.
6) New user interface, nuff said.... yeah..
7) Fusion System, no longer will you look the same as some other player with the new fusion system (waited months for this >:O)
8) Pvp is no longer required for any job change quest, I think the pvp was broken enough as it is, no longer will noobs suffer the pains brought forth with seamus/cashed ST/AP characters.

That's all I deemed important, theres a crap community tho, GL to new players joining

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ThisIsAPen - 06-06-2011

i really like GC and one of the rare games which work with the 32 bits win7 despite the fact its using gameguard
well the community is full of idiots tho
the pvp is fun but the job quests require unfairly much pvp wins i dont like that part
if som1 doesnt like pvp then she/he shouldnt be forced into it and trading wins is forbidden
well i dont find it so cash-related, i have some cash stuff e.g a light necklace and i have never bought any cash
the attendance system is also a good thing with the daily rewards
i really like the game however, it really gets repetitive after a while
and the cash missions are unfairly easy, BUT one can manage without cash once i even had a lvl 8 wind necklace (i was too greedy and broke it tho when i tried to get it to lvl9 D:)

Tsubayumi - 04-29-2011

Overly cash-based, pvp based on abusing game mechanics, and dungeons are incredibly boring. Character quests take weeks, because ntreev wants u to cash everything.
Go play Elsword and save yourself the trouble.

xDarkRiku - 03-27-2011

game sucked in a few weeks, community wise of course, high lvl players bitch and moan about spamming with their lvl 60 SB armor dios, poison spore ryans, fire arrow archers, boomerang blade siegs, etc, need i go on? dunno how i can spam with a dk, if they mean spamming their dive, then thats like saying "stop pressing z"

ThisIsAPen - 03-15-2011

2nd job is hell. but either way good game imo

Jiantey - 03-11-2011

Grandchase's iPod version does not connect to the internet.

This game was interesting. So was the community, especially the higher level players. interesting does not mean it's good, just interesting. Fast paced CTS inducing game play makes this game it's own unique genre. Pvp is quite fun too. Quite hard to beat laggers, though.

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Lycoris - 03-08-2011

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Grand Chase - ggFTW First 10
Grand Chase - ggFTW First 10
Uploaded: March 20th, 2011

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