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Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI

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  • Name: Final Fantasy XI
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Subscription

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Final Fantasy XI

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US Square Enix Release Official Site N/A

Final Fantasy XI Media

About Final Fantasy XI

Enter the world of Final Fantasy XI and take the first steps on a path of epic adventure, excitement, and danger.

A land of magic, swords, and technology. Vana'Diel welcomes new adventurers along with seasoned Final Fantasy veterans with open arms. The land has been ravaged by the fierce beastmen armies and it's up to adventurers like you to defeat them and restore the peace that the citizens dream of. Now is your chance to heed the call and join hundreds of thousands of players from around the world to become the hero that Vana'diel needs!

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • CPU: Pentium 3 800 MHz
  • Hard Drive: 9.5 GB
  • Memory (RAM): 128 MB
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce; ATI Radeon 9000


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moar ffxi

astraywind - 07-13-2011

prefers this over ff14.... atleast in here, i get my money's worth

ThisIsAPen - 01-16-2011


reinnocent - 10-18-2010

In response to drkmerc, they are adding a new add-on that states:
"In Abyssea, concerns such as the over-population of battle areas and the need for large time investments will be a thing of the past. The development team is hard at work creating a world where parties can engage in rewarding battles with powerful foes and collect prized equipment with the least of fuss."

So that's really nifty~

View more

SOC - 02-28-2010

I'm saying this not as a player who played this for a week and is back to complain about it, but as a player who put 4+ years into this and have 6 lv 75 classes and most other classes available for sub.
Much of the System, Gameplay, and Sounds are fine. The graphics was especially stunning for an MMO compared to some others. However, the economy on some servers requires you to (speaking using in-game terms, sorry non FFXI players) hunt HNMs (high level Notorious Monsters) which usually spawn once every 21-24 hours and some @ 21-72 hours. Not only is this time consuming, but if your linkshell (guild) isn't good at "claiming", reward will never be in sight for your hard work. There are other ways of making money such as farming, gardening, crafting, etc...but on certain servers, the revenue you collect will only barely cover the operating expenses. In my experience, the only decent way of making money is with BC/KSNM (Arena Boss Battles). With that said, the PvP system (ballista) is so terribly unpopular that almost no one on my server bothers to play it. Standard PvP is scheduled by the in-game calender and most people wouldn't really set aside a time in their schedule for it. There is private reservation for PvP, but often time you'd want to play against new people, but the fact that the PvP arena is privately reserved means that the people you'd be playing against would be limited to those you already know. With that said, the game is pretty well maintained with newer and better items constantly coming out; that and the story for the expansion missions are actually pretty well written...though I really hate how more good equipments for certain situations means you'd have to macro different equipments in for every little action you do...(such as changing a hat just for the duration of a spell because it enhances the effect somehow.)

drkmerc - 02-24-2010

Final Fantasy XI is truly an amazing MMORPG, the best one out there by far, IMO. It has so many things to do, it's impossible to get bored when you're doing some thing. Raising/racing Chocobos, fishing, doing storyline missions, crafting, exploring, Moblin Mazes, Besieged, Assaults, and so much more... It's very balanced, and has twenty different and unique jobs to play as. You only need one character to experience every job; you can switch your job and return at any time. It's a very well maintained game by Square-Enix, keeping a lot of clutter and bad things out. PvP exists, and there's multiple forms, but not many people do it. Also, the game is party-intensive, meaning you'll be doing every thing with a party, which can get time consuming when you're trying to find five other people. Each job brings out its strengths in other jobs, so having a balanced party is crucial. Even in that, though, it brings out its own amazing MMORPG experience. Great game for hardcore gamers with lots of time; don't expect to get far in short bursts of game play. FFXIV promises both hardcore and casual players will enjoy it.

SOC - 11-14-2009

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