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Fiesta Review by reborner

  • Author: reborner
  • Last Updated: June 3rd, 2011

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Fiesta's one of those games that completely changed my view concerning free MMORPGs. I used to believe that all free MMORPGs lacked greatly in available content, however, this does not apply to Fiesta and I'll tell you why.

Fiesta's Game play is what you'd expect from a MMORPG, it's dangerously addicting and deliciously delightful. Its point and click, the Controls aren't too tough, you'll just have to get familiar with all the hot keys and shortcuts but that's a really simple task. The class system isn't too complicated, there are only four classes: Archer, Mage, Cleric, Fighter and each of these classes advance to a better class later on as you level up. For example: class Archer becomes Hawk Archer at level 20.

Fiesta Screenshots

Like most RPGs there are numerous quests to complete ranging in difficulties from collecting herbs to the wonderful Kingdom Quests where you are dispatched to team up with a squad and eliminate a boss or something, unfortunately however, the quests aren't elaborate and drawn out, so if you're looking for something with in depth characters and grand story lines, I'd just stick with Final Fantasy. As a matter of fact, most of the quests are fairly simple, usually requiring you to collect a certain number of this and kill a certain number of that. It's a minor aspect in my opinion and for a free MMORPGs, the game play's pretty solid.

As for the game's Visuals I'd say Outspark did well. The graphics don't rival that of Guild Wars or WoW but again, it's free, have fun. One neat thing that I have to point out is the spell visuals. Now while this may seem trivial to you, some people (like me) enjoy seeing what the spell looks like and how unique each attack looks. Once again, Outspark has done well here.

Fiesta Screenshots

The in-game Music isn't too impressive, it gets repetitive and old rather quickly, but that's a minor thing as well. However, the actual sound-effects are executed smoothly, unless you're lagging of course in which case you'll find the sound-effects out of place.

Last but not least: the gaming Community. I found the community to be very festive and inviting, no complaint in this department.

So in the end we have a really great game, not perfect but then again nothing is that's why I gave Fiesta an 8/10. Try it out, you won't be disappointed.

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