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Emil Chronicle Online

Emil Chronicle Online

Game Profile

  • Name: Emil Chronicle Online
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Emil Chronicle Online

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
JP Hangame Release Official Site N/A
SEA Run Up Discontinued N/A N/A

Emil Chronicle Online Media

About Emil Chronicle Online

Emil being the human race which is full of creativity and curiosity; Titanians being the angelic race which possesses wings in white color and golden circlet; whereas Dominions being the mischievous demon race owns a pair of black wings and long tail.All these 3 races are now settled on the Acronia continent and start venture their ambitious adventures in the fantasy land where miracles happen as norm of life.

Designed by the well known Japanese BROCCOLI, these adorable characters will surely broaden up your visual experience and stimulate your anxiety onto this fun-packed thrilling game of ECO-system.

In additions, a newly programmed "Infuse System" which enables characters to instill their soul onto their weapon and gain intensive experience when fighting, this feature is foreseeable to hype up the gamers with brand new understanding of gaming..

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista
  • CPU: Pentium 3 2GHz
  • Hard Drive: 5 GB
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB
  • Graphics: Geforce 2 MX; Radeon 8500


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oh Trickster i forget bye now ^_^

JorgeBunny - 08-16-2014

thes are combinations it you to be Lunia LaTale Emil Chronicle Online Stone Age 2 ok bye and probably Concerto Gate Elf Online combinations to bye

JorgeBunny - 08-16-2014

LaTale Trickster Emil Chronicle Online <.< what's missing is Stone Age 2 now

JorgeBunny - 08-16-2014

anyway i help vofe for it ^_^ it good game

JorgeBunny - 08-16-2014

what do you know the games back this is all i can pick up maybe l'll meet that girl with the suitcase again who knows she might pop up a get look jorgebunny or babyjorge it me bye

JorgeBunny - 08-16-2014

you get 9 star but one no for quest problems that probably goes to the class change problems that was probably why they couldn't find i agree with quest problems and class problems fix or lose it bye good game bye ^_^

JorgeBunny - 08-08-2014

the game good but need a quest guide it hard looking for the stuff plus i was stuck on the island i don't know where to go hey over there 2star one and a half star think that it if this game came back it need to be OGPlanet they will probably help this game and fine all these problems and fix it very good game i probably LaTale and Emil Chronicle Online i say to that game is probably a brother to Latale it used to be a combination on the other site i remember Latale Emil Chronicle Online Lunia and i believe stone age 2 the site was about to close Latale when to aeriagames and stone age 2 move to aeriagames and Latale move a get to OGPlanet and stone age 2 what shut down on aeriagames i say these games are combinations here 4 star for game but not giving you 5 because the quest was not fixgood luck to you and hope to see it back one day bye

JorgeBunny - 08-08-2014


JorgeBunny - 08-08-2014

well the game is shut down and they're trying to bring it back good luck to those guys well i did cross the path of the person was going to shut it down she stopped and stared at me then she walks slowly then i told her goodbye then she stopped then back to me then she stopped in back of me then she continued to walk she was the one the suitcase i could have stopped and told her but it could have been a war talk

JorgeBunny - 08-08-2014

Pretty awesome game, IMO. It has a learning curve to it, similar to RO, but 3D.

Originally there was gonna be an English-translated server for SG/MY. Unfortunately the publisher was doing a horrible job and it shut the server down.

However, on the Indonesian server, it is very populated with a generally nice and interactive community. The publisher does an excellent job on updates, the only slight drawback is that the interface is of course, all in Indonesian. Noting the power of google translate and ECO wikis can't solve though~

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Shnao - 03-27-2011

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