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Elsword Review by Hekutaa

  • Author: Hekutaa
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

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Embark on a journey in Elsword, a very unique MMORPG that pits you against monsters that seemingly arose from the depths of the Inferno that only you, along with other players, must fight to the death against. Elsword presents a very immense amount of voice acting, unique gameplay elements, and stupendous graphics.

Fans of Grand Chase will feel right at home with Elsword, In fact, Elsword takes place in a universe similar to Grand Chase, for the main character, Elsword has a direct relationship to Grand Chase's Elesis. That being said, there will be a lot of similarities, but Elsword, by far, trounces its older counterpart.

Elsword Review Images

Elsword, one of the many protagonists of Elsword

Elsword plays in a linear, beat-'em-up fashion. In essence, you start at point A, and get to Point B. Destroy any enemies that stand in your way. However, unlike Grand Chase, Elsword excels in its large pool of attacks and combos with skills. Instead of having three skills and about three branching combos, Elsword features an extremely eclectic combination of attacks and skills from the very beginning.

The characters, unlike some traditional MMORPGs in which you can choose your own gender and class, Elsword uses predetermined genders and job classes for the characters, mainly because Elsword plays like a console RPG, like "Final Fantasy," at least in the terms of predetermined gender and job class. So far, there are only three "main" characters (with many more to come) that take the traditional roles of archer (Female), warrior (Male), and mage (Female). Other classes will come in the future, and play pivotal parts in the storyline, although the acquisition of them as playable characters is optional (out of battle, they just contribute by talking in some instances)

Elsword Review Images

Before you bash your opponent's head in, a cutesy manga border will appear.

Elsword breaks from MMORPGs in the form of using voice acting. Foreign voice acting. Good voice acting. Instead of Grand Chase's extremely squeaky character voice acting, Elsword uses its native, Korean language, where the voice actors sound so much better than anything American voice actors can dish out.

The artwork is especially unique in Elsword, I say this due to its manga-like art style, which makes the game feel like an interactive manga. This gives a sense of childish charm that most MMORPGs do not give, which gives Elsword a very unique appearance. For example, when a character casts a skill in combat, there will be a panel that borders the screen of play, almost like a comic panel, along with the character's artwork, with a battle cry ranging anywhere from "Now take this and suffer!!!" or "Take this!!!" Although minute in the grand scheme of things, they give the game a nice little unique trait.

PvP in Elsword is very intense, and for all the right reasons, unlike Grand Chase. PvP is based on how fast you kill your opponent, but not through insanely ludicrous attacks that wipe out nearly your entire health bar. In Elsword, one must actually possess some level of skill in order to even scathe our opponent's life bar. This leads to a small but easy learning curve in the game, which gives the game a strong PvP. All the characters are well-balanced, and since you actually have to attack your opponent to use your special abilities, there exists legitimate combat.

If you played Grand Chase and enjoyed it, then the the spiritual successor, Elsword, is one game you will definitely love. Great PvP, great voice actors, and a retro-style arcade beat-em-up, Elsword lacks one thing: You.

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