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Elsword Review by CheeseLuvas

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Elsword is a 2.5D fast-paced action arcade MMO developed by KoG studios, who are also the makers of Grand Chase. At first sight, you will notice many similarities that both Elsword and Grand Chase share, ranging from skills to the characters. The reason for this is because Elsword is considered to be the "spiritual successor" of Grand Chase. But enough about that, let's get into the game itself!

Gameplay: 93%

Elsword differentiates from many other MMOs because you usually run in a series of "instanced dungeons" in a map. You can go in a party with your friends or solo it depending on which you prefer. Clearing a dungeon lets you gain access to the next one, making Elsword a very linear game, but each and every dungeon is different in their own way, featuring new and creative mobs and monsters that'll let you have a very fun time. There are also quests to help you level during your adventure and better yet, there are also certain types of quests called "Story Quests". These story quests as you might have guessed, tell the storyline of the game and give big rewards of EXP and money to give you a much clearer view on what is going on in the game. Usually the dungeons are very easy at first, cakewalk you might say, but they soon become more difficult as you level more and more.

Elsword Screenshots

It should also be noted that Elsword also has a "Stamina System", which basically limits you to how much you can play during the day unfortunately.

Tired of dungeoning? Well head right over to PVP! In PVP, you'll compete with other players in team matches or survival. I had a great time in Elsword's PVP, but one of the big flaws in it currently is the lag. Whenever I 1v1 another player, I can't get them in my combo, which is pretty annoying, not to mention that many other players teleport around the map too. Another flaw that I found is killstealing.

Elsword Screenshots

The PVP in Elsword can get long due to the amount of HP a player has, and right when you're about to finally defeat someone and get a kill, one of your teammates steal it! It gets pretty agitating to see all my hard work end up in waste. Oh yes, I should also note that the Stamina system does NOT affect PVP. So when you're out of stamina you can still fight your friends at the arena anytime you want!

Music and Sound: 89%

As you may have known, Elsword has plenty of voice acting in the game straight fresh from Korea! That's right, they didn't dub the characters! Although this can be either good or bad, I still find it enjoying hearing my character say a skill in its original language, and let me tell you, the Korean voice acting is actually pretty good!

Now onto the music! The background music in Elsword isn't much to say, they're good but they're not shocking or anything, especially in PVP, though I must admit, the music handles very well with the themes of each and every dungeon.

Classes and Balance: 86%

Like Grand Chase, Elsword has "characters", with two branching job classes stemming from each one giving you more additions to your skill tree and combos. There are currently 3 in the NA server, but there are 6 in total, Elsword the Knight, Aisha the Mage, and Rena the Archer. The 3 remaining characters are Chung, Eve, and Raven, who are yet to be seen. The balance in Elsword is average to say at best. Some skills can be overpowered or underpowered in both PVE and PVP, but of course there are no 1 Hit KO skills or anything like that, so don't worry.

Graphics: 87%

Elsword uses cel-shaded graphics for their skills and characters, which I find quite nice. The game also has an "arcade" feeling to it, including and anime-style comic book that appears whenever you use a skill. The graphics of Elsword also handles well with light computers that aren't really meant for gaming.

Final Verdict: 89%

The action MMO Elsword offers something new to hardcore gamers that want a challenge. Although it may give a slow start when you make your first character, the game will definitely please later on. The Stamina system can limit your time though, and this is my main problem with the game. Other than that, overall, if you're looking for an exciting, fast-paced, arcade MMO, then look no further, for Elsword is your definite choice.

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