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Eden Eternal Review by Kotarou

  • Author: Kotarou
  • Last Updated: June 3rd, 2011

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"Yo dawg, we heard you get tired of playing one class all the time so we put a class in your class in your class in your class in your class..."

Firstly, I'd like to thank the good people at Aeria Games and Paul (NoeJeko) for arranging this special Eden Eternal Early Access pass so I could take a dive at this game that I've been tripping over since its Chinese incarnation dubbed "Finding Neverland Online" was announced. Eden Eternal is developed by the same people who brought us Kitsu Saga and Grand Fantasia (I've only managed to play the latter), and published by Aeria Games!

The character I'll be running this preview with is called "Shizuru", and her class is... oh wait. She's everything! We'll get to that shortly.

Eden Eternal Review Screenshots

-Let's start!-

Eden Eternal begins in a quaint little mining town called in a region called the "Limestone Mountain". You, the hero(ine), were born from the Blue Crystal, and possess the ability to use magic (handy when you need to save the world). The people of this world are placing their trust in you and your comrades to lead them to Eden Eternal, and have dubbed you part of the Eternal Guardians!

I was eased into the basic gameplay mechanics of Eden Eternal, thanks to a few well-placed quests (fetch quests, kill that monster, etc.), and was a little apprehensive when I was finally presented my first miniboss to defeat. Shouldn't be too hard, right? I was in for a surprise...

The thing about certain unique monsters (You'll immediately recognize these because they're generally larger and just look a little more badass) is that they not only drop rare equipment, but also grant you achievements! Yes. Eden Eternal has Achievements, and there are a LOT of achievements to cover, so for perfectionists, instant motivation!

Combat is straightforward – Tab, right click, skill, rinse and repeat until target is dead. Using potions involve a countdown time, so time your usage carefully (especially when playing pure DPS classes like Thieves, without having a Cleric around). Some skills can even be stacked on top of one another, enhancing their effects. For example, Clerics can cast Life Cure, which heals a set amount of HP per cast. It can be stacked for up to 5 times, so don't look down on them! They can easily take down unique monsters by their lonesome, and walk away with FULL HP.

Eden Eternal Review Screenshots

-Just Add Equipment-

You cannot talk about Eden Eternal purely by mentioning only one class. Eden Eternal boasts one of the most unique and interesting Class system to date – the ability to freely swap between not two, not three, but a whopping FIFTEEN (only 12 have been revealed at the site) classes! Have a party full of clerics? Swap to Warrior, Hunter, Magician, or Thief! You can be any class, anytime, anywhere. You start the game with two basic classes (Warrior and Magician), but you gain more classes as you level up.

However, the most important thing you need to remember while playing is to balance out your class levels (no, a level 1 Warrior is not going to be very effective in a dungeon run) – and the game will even reward you handsomely for it. Permanent boosts to your HP, MP, ATK and M-ATK should be a very good incentive to level as many classes as you can. Leveling classes also provides "Certificates". These are special skills that can be transferred across every class by equipping them on the Certificates part of the Class window. Certain combinations of Certificates also grant a bonus! For example, bang together two Cleric Certificates and get a bonus +12% to WIS!

Eden Eternal Review Screenshots

"But If I play so many classes, where would I get all my equipment!?"

No worries! Drops are plentiful (for me, at least). Armor equipment are shared across classes that are of the same ‘type' (eg. Bards and Archers share the same Armor set). When switching between them, you do not need to re-equip your armor. Armor equips are saved for when you swap between different types as well (eg. If you equipped your heavy armor on a Warrior and swapped to Magician, your character would use the Magician equipment set, but the heavy armor remains equipped for when you swap back).

The only drawback would be equipping weapons – you'll probably need to re-equip your preferred weapons and shields for when switching Classes, because every Class can use every other Classes's weapons!

-Looking Different from Everyone Else -

A slight drawback for costume enthusiasts in Eden Eternal is that your clothes DO NOT reflect whatever equipment you wear. You gain a new look every 10 or so Class Levels, and you can freely swap between any of these outfits at any time. The game tries to compensate for the lack of unique appearances by implementing a Dye system – You are offered randomized Dye (either via quests or Item Mall) that allow you to color your outfits! At lower levels, you can simply purchase a specific color from dye NPCs, but for higher levels, its from a selection of four random colors per dye (different dyes have a different selection of colors).

Each outfit grants you three places to dye – you can mix and match your color choices to (hopefully) create the coolest looking duds in the game, or end up looking like a clown! The same applies to your headgear – there are yet another three separate places you can dye on your headgear!


Before I go into the nuances of the game's graphics, I'm running the game on an Intel Core i5 3.2Ghz, backed up by 4GBs Corsair Gaming RAM, and a rather powerful ASUS Nvidia 560Ti (1GB VRAM). I cranked up the game's settings all the way to the max (except for the FPS, left that at 60), and I was rewarded by one of the most stunning visuals I have ever experienced in an MMORPG.

Eden Eternal Review Screenshots

Lush greenery, beautiful skies, and wondrous architecture set it apart from rival MMOs. Well placed blooming effects, shading, and blurring effects add to the already impressive setting of the game. The character, NPC and monster models also present fluidity in movement – and also occupy their own space in the game world. You will NEVER see one monster ‘overlap' another monster in the game – it will run around other obstacles and targets to attack you. These are just the small little things that add individuality to the game. The skill effects are also truly amazing – you'll just have to play yourself to see what it looks like!

The game also cycles between Morning, Noon, Evening, Night and Early Morning, so you will encounter different lighting effects as you beat your way through the game (hint: take a trip to the capital city at night. It's a sight to behold!)

-End of Part I-

Whew! Eden Eternal still has a lot of content to cover, and I simply can't do it in one preview. In the next article, I'll talk about the Fame system, Player towns, Soulmates, and the Buy Back system!

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