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Eden Eternal

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  • Name: Eden Eternal
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Eden Eternal

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US Aeria Games Release Official Site N/A

Eden Eternal Media

About Eden Eternal

In Eden Eternal, players will trek across a magical realm filled with vibrant races, robust monsters, and prosperous villages as they work to restore order to the region and uncover ancient secrets surrounding the mysterious Soul Stone.

Changes: Freely switch between classes as you unlock them. As you progress through Eden, you will gain access to 15 unique classes.

Player Towns: Help your guild create a thriving town in Eden. Become a respectable citizen by establishing cross-functional structures and mastering a valuable community trade.

Races: Humans, Boar Men, Lizard Men and other half-human races wander the land in Eden. Each race’s history is intricately woven into the Eden Eternal story and ultimately impacts your path to unlock the Soul Stone's secrets.
Innovative Dye System: Players can customize their character’s armor and appearance with a surprising variety of colors and styles. Search Eden for additional rare and exotic dyes.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • CPU: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 5700;ATI Radeon x1600


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This game was fun until lvl 60.... where lvling became a pain in the ass. Just all out grinding and doing quests... Even when you want to go pvp. Not even fair... lvl 70s and above have op gear no chance at all. Getting decent gear is also a pain..

kat3kyo - 11-21-2014

kickasz - 04-08-2012

the game is fantastic, to me its a cuter FREE version of WoW with a better class system. While as most start as human the other races are amazing as well. the quests can get a little confusing because they lack in detail on what your supposed to do sometimes but just ask around and you get what your supposed to do.

over all 9/10

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LeopoldIII - 02-14-2012

I just love the game, and now i dont need to worry picking a boring class if i get tired ill just change :P

Redisak - 12-19-2011

An ok game, in my opinion... the interface was somewhat confusing, and I kept getting lost in all the chats. Windows kept disappearing on me XD Although the interchangeable sub-classes were new and an interesting feature :)

Animewolf089 - 10-06-2011

This is Grand Fantasia's clone, albeit, this kid's gonna grow up to be much better than Grand Fantasia. Eden Eternal features a WONDERFUL system for fickle people like me. There are two base classes to choose, warrior and mage. Warrior can switch between ALL PHYSICAL CLASSES while mage can switch between ALL MAGICAL CLASSES. What's even better is that you can do all of this while on the battle field to adapt to any situation (with a 20 second cool down, of course). The armor for the classes are also universal, warriors get heavy armor, mages get light armor, and certain other classes for warrior can get light armor as well. The classes have their own separate level from your character, so there's no need to retrain.

Despite being able to use most of the classes in one branch, the game still offers a way to keep things fresh in the form of "Knowledge" and "Heroic traits". The Knowledge grows with your class level, and can be applied to various passive skills such as crit %, eva %, or dmg of X skill %+. Heroics make your character's stats grow to fit whichever one you picked. For example, Crack Shot gives you 10% luck and 10% Mcrit dmg. While Leadership gives you 12%+ to HP and MP. In other words, even a "thief" type can be a bulky little bugger.

As you progress throughout your character's level, new classes to choose from become available. Some classes require you to have levels invested in OTHER classes, so it would be wise to see which classes you want. Note: class levels are much easier to level than your character's level, your class level can never go past your character's level, though.

That's all I can comment about it for now, since there's just so much to talk about. The short version of my comment would be "this is a fantastic game, if you love playing multiple classes, drop what you're playing and download this ASAP!"

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LilPhenyl - 09-13-2011

Eden Eternal is a very solid and enjoyable game. The graphics are cute but crisp. The UI could use some work, but it's very simple and easy to understand.

I love being able to play multiple different classes. (My main is a Knight, but occasionally I will play a Mage or Bard when I'm in the mood.) Leveling several classes can be costly and slow, but there are many benefits for it.

The game does become grindy, but it's not too bad. There are plenty of quests, repeatable quests, and dungeons to help ease the pain of leveling. There's also PvP! You can find plenty of people to duel in the main city or join and guild and fight for territory. There will also be 3v3 arenas implemented in an up-coming patch.

There isn't much to do besides level, do dungeons, duel, make money, or territory wars right now, but the game is still fairly new and they are always adding new stuff. The community has been pleasant, but occasionally you will run into some bad apples.

Oh, and come to Aquamarine server! We have candy.

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NovaBlessIX - 08-22-2011

Okay if I can play a 3-D game, it's heaven D:. But anyways. Games fuuunnn. And I had a problem with classes of being a certain job. WHAT NOW PEOPLE D<. I CAN DO EVERYTHING ( just not pro at it ) So yeah. This game is like heaven to me.

Though the grind is kinda....meh. It's always like that. Oh yeah alpacas. Fun to ride on yes. Free? Yeah.

Also, anime like games make me more into it 'cuz the actual human like thingy might uh....make me feel....sad about myself ;o;.

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StarrySnow - 07-05-2011

@Kahru: But I worked my butt on Rarity at Garnet. Jeez no love for the red jewel, huh. :< (Funny that Garnet is also my birthstone.) But yea there are Banni ears, but I must wait a bit more longer for more fashion stuff to poop out. :<

Gaap - 06-30-2011

Come to Emerald *^*
lol. That's where tons of eTO players have gone.
I've seen the teaser video for the item mall, and it's like, almost 100% fashions. Too many to count, literally, the video was too long to show them all lol. Yes, there were bunny ears. 5 different colors. :'P

KahruNYA - 06-26-2011

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