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Dungeon Fighter Online Review by RoflKnife

  • Author: RoflKnife
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

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Dungeon Fighter Online is a 2D free-to-play MMORPG, reminiscent of the arcade sprite-based 2D beat em' ups during the golden days of the arcade. Developed by Neople, and published by Nexon, the localization of this game took ages, despite the massive popularity overseas.

System - 7/10

Dungeon Fighter will run on practically any PC, the game is entirely 2D sprites, these system requirements are gonna be one of the lowest you can get. Different channels for east and west help aid in lag, and different servers seem to be on the horizon. The configuration menu has a decent amount of options. Unfortunately, Dungeon Fighter suffers from more errors than others, as well as having more lag problems. Most the problems can be quickly fixed, but a few are problematic enough to cause players to just give up.

Graphics - 9/10

Dungeon Fighter has beautiful sprites, and captures the 2D arcade style perfectly. Great animations, appealing artwork and art style, it doesn't get better than this. Except...the game natively runs in a 640x480 resolution, and it's the only resolution available. Besides being small, this means that fullscreen looks terrible!

Gameplay - 19/20

The core gameplay of Dungeon Fighter is perfect, you couldn't ask for more. Just imagine the combat portion of the game as an arcade beat em up with RPG elements. The beat em up combat is fluid, smooth, and controls are perfect! Ground combos, air combos, back attacks, overkills, grabs, super armor, it's all here. Skills can even be used via command inputs, emulating that arcade experience even better! The game goes so far as to even use tokens as a revival system!

Dungeon Fighter Online Review by RoflKnife

There are currently 5 main classes and 19 sub classes to play as. The main classes are Slayer, Gunner, Fighter, Mage, and Priest. All the classes have very different play styles, there's sure to be one that matches every kind of player.

The general flow of the game is to pick up quests, tackle a dungeon, fight through the map and boss, pawn your loot, then repeat. That's it, besides maybe a bit of PvP here and there. No professions, no mini-games, no silly miscellaneous Certainly sounds very repetitive and boring on paper, but the meat of the gameplay lies in going through those dungeons, and it's damn fun!

There is a storyline in the game, along with more minor ones that expand on the setting of the game, all of which are explained through quests. There's quests for every level, and the handy dandy map notes all the quest givers (along with other useful information), so there's no frustration involved. As expected, there's also the staple quest tracker, auction house, mail, and of course, guilds.

There is PvP in the game, and it's handled pretty well. There are some issues with balance, but it's generally not an problem, and you'll be having a good deal of fun. A fatigue system is implemented in the game, but it's quite lenient. You'll get a good 3-6 hours of playtime on each character, and it resets every day.

Of course, the game has a cash shop, but worry not, most of the things sold are purely for convenience, like extra life tokens. They do sell tokens for buying avatars though, which change your character's looks and have some stat bonuses. Fortunately, all avatars, barring special event ones, are tradeable! Something I'd like to point that however, is that your initial storage has a limited amount of space, and weight capacity. All items have weight, and the weight limit on the initial storage is quite small. The item shop allows you to upgrade the storage to have limitless weight, and triple the space for a very tiny sum of cash. Nonetheless, having a storage with limitless weight is essential in the game, and despite how cheap it is to buy the upgrade, I didn't like how you were practically forced to buy it.

Dungeon Fighter Online Review by RoflKnife

Audio - 8/10

The music is decent, some hits and misses, and the sound effects are as you would expect. The voice acting stands out though, the sheer amount of voices is surprising for a free to play game. Most NPCs are voiced in addition to all the classes, and some mobs. Some of the voices are outstanding, but others are downright terrible, or unintelligible. For the most part, they're all good enough to add to the game.

Dungeon Fighter Online is an excellent action MMORPG, even more so as an beat em' up arcade styled MMO. It's a damn wonder how it took so long to be localized. If you like beat em ups, RPGs, or the old 2D arcade feel, this is a must play.

Overall - 43/50

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