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Dragon's Call

Dragon's Call

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  • Name: Dragon's Call
  • Type: Browser Based
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Dragon's Call

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About Dragon's Call

In the beginning, Quillas, Father of Heaven, awoke from chaos to find that the universe was quite, vast and tedious. He then created thousands of unique worlds and separated them with boundaries. He plucked hair from his body and enchanted them with part of his power to make them gods with different capabilities. These gods were then sent to the different worlds as guardians and builders in his stead. None of these worlds was ever close to perfect and stable. The rise and fall of good and evil forces was breeding conflicts and crises. But Father of Heaven decided this should be the way, and after the order was initially established, he fell into long sleep again.

This game offers well rounded and well coordinated game play through a variety of innovative in-game systems to create an action packed MMO experience, including equipment refining, auction house, talent system, training system, job system, etc. which will sure bring unique fun to players. Adventures and quests awaits your bidding!


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Dragon's Call News

New Expansion Coming for Dragon's Call

GameDP has announced a new expansion for their browser MMO, Dragon's Call. The update, which is named "Dawn Breaking", is set to release on November 9th, and will bring a number of ... Read more

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