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Dragon Nest Review by Sandrie

  • Author: Sandrie
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

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Dragon Nest is a free-to-play MMORPG that is going to be published by Nexon in North America and by Shanda Games for SEA and Europe. It has a different kind of gameplay with a compelling storyline and 3D graphics.

As with any other 3D game, you'll need a good computer to run Dragon Nest on medium/high graphics, but compared to some other 3D games, which requires HDD space as high as 8 or 9 GB it is rather light on the resources. Lowering the graphics quality will help with computers that fall shy of the requirements.


The gameplay in Dragon Nest is a little different from most MMORPGs, it has a "non-targeting" system similar to a third person shooter where you have to manually aim attacks using your cursor (which becomes a cross-hair in-game). While it was very confusing and hard to control at first, after you get used to it, it's a refreshing break from being confined to one target like in other MMOs.

Dragon Nest Review by Sandrie

Giant flaming ball of fire coming right up!

All battles are within instanced dungeons, where you have several rooms in which you have to clear out monsters before continuing to the next. In the last room you have to fight the boss, which can be pretty tough fights. However, you can control how hard the dungeon is based on the level difficulty. It ranges from super easy to "oh my god what was I thinking?" hard. The amount of dungeons you can run are limited by your FTG, or fatigue. Once you run out of it, you can't enter dungeons anymore, but depending on the difficulty you play on and the number of people you play with, you can burn through FTG as slowly or as quickly as you like. To top that, there is a reserve "weekly FTG" that you can dip into if you feel like playing a little more that day.

Dragon Nest Review by Sandrie

This dungeon is called "Forest of the Dead."

The 5 difficulties in Dragon Nest in ascending difficulty are Easy, Normal, Hard, Master, and Abyss. Do yourself a favor and don't solo Master or Abyss.


Dragon Nest Review by Sandrie

Nice character select screen, but the characters are gender locked.

The graphics itself are really good even for normal gameplay, and are just simply amazing for the cut-scenes found in every dungeon and scenario quests. The environment is wonderfully done, very detailed and interactive, from the crows that fly away when you pass by to the rustling grass that you walk though.

Dragon Nest Review by Sandrie

The cut-scene graphics are pretty sweet.


The music in Dragon Nest is alright, it's not terrible, but at the same time nothing stood out. Most of the same tracks repeat themselves in dungeons and towns except for the occasional different boss music and because of that it gets dull pretty quickly. It does set a mood for what you are doing, for example the music that often plays in abyss-level dungeons has a sense of impending danger, unlike the standard music that plays in the other levels.

All in all, Dragon Nest is a pretty good game and a lot of fun. It does have a bunch. I enjoy playing it even though my Japanese is limited.

Overall Score: 8/10


-A different targeting system than most other MMOs

-instanced dungeons with varying difficulties to your taste

-amazing graphics

-Decent classes with variability and specializations


-Not a lot of character customization

-Confined to towns and instances (dungeons)

-very small inventory

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