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Dream of Mirror Online Review by Hekutaa

  • Author: Hekutaa
  • Last Updated: August 1st, 2011

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DOMO, or Dream of Mirror Online, is a fantasy MMORPG that places you in the lore of Chinese mythology of the "Kunlun Mirror," an artifact that has somehow broken, and the only one that can repair the mirror is you. Although DOMO appears a cookie-cutter copy of other MMOs, it provides several aspects that some MMO games do not feature, let alone call attention to.

The amount of classes in DOMO reaches to an astonishing fourteen choices. Some of the classes are generic to the world of MMOs, such as a doctor and a thief. However, what separates DOMO from other MMOs is that it allows the ability to mix and match job abilities into a character. For instance, you can have said doctor possess some of the skills of a thief, and vice versa. The same can be mixed to all fourteen classes. However, each job progresses independently of the other jobs (i.e. if you gain a level in one job class, the other jobs will not gain any experience). The sheer amount of jobs and numerous combinations can overwhelm many gamers, for the main reaction would be to try every single job class and test out all viable combinations, which can take a huge amount of time due to trial and error testing.

Dream of Mirror Online Screenshots

Character creation in DOMO branches to some unusual features aside from hair color and skin tone, of which being character height, head size, and even chest size. Additionally, it also stretches to a choice of four races: Human (said to be "perfectly balanced" in terms of stats), Shura (said to possess immense physical strength), Sylph(thought to possess a strong ability with magic), and Sprite (said to contain a prowess in speed and luck). Although descriptions in the game depict each race of possessing a different strength, the races do not possess any sort of statistical difference, save for a slight movement speed difference.

When reading their descriptions on the different strengths of the four races, an individual may choose the Sylph race in hopes of receiving a latent magic boost due to the description, but later realizes that the polar opposite of the class (the Shura) contains the same exact power as a Sylph, given the same job class and same equipment. This quirk is troublesome in that the game implies that some races are stronger in some areas, but in reality, they are all the same which may cause confusion in some.

Dream of Mirror Online Screenshots

Many features in DOMO may appear mundane at most, but they act like a double-edged blade in some cases. For example, the crafting system may appear very simple and enjoyable in the beginning, but the success rates quickly take a nose dive at the higher levels. At high levels, finding the materials for the crafting of items contain extremely low success rate, along with the low success chance of actually making the item.

Another feature to DOMO is the flying system. Instead of flying with an avian-like animal the one may be accustomed to seeing, characters in DOMO fly on a sword like a surfboard. Although strange, it allows for a swift passage through maps, which seems like a godsend because of the long distances needed to travel from one area to the next.

A main problem in DOMO is its blatantly overpowering real-world cash system. The system provides completely unfair bonuses to those who have the money to fund their character. For instance, the cash shop contains an item that prevents the loss of material when crafting an item, which is extremely disadvantageous to those who do not have money. If this does not sound completely unfair, then take a look at the entire cash shop inventory and then decide if the cash system destroys the game balance.

You mileage will vary with DOMO. Although the game boasts a huge character creation and an extensive pool of jobs, one must expend time into fully developing their character. On one hand, DOMO does an excellent job with giving the player's open-endedness, but it suffers from the same absurdly high-level difficulty spike in terms of crafting items, along with a game-breaking cash system.

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