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Dofus Review by Hekutaa

  • Author: Hekutaa
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

Warning: This review is copyright of the review author listed above and reprinted by permission by ggFTW. This review may not be reprinted on any other site without express written permission from the review author. Game elements are copyrights of their respective developer and publisher.

Ah, Dofus. I played Dofus during my endless days of middle school, and even though I only played the "free to play" area of the game (the "pay to play" area had access to the entirety of the game), I thoroughly enjoyed the many aspects of a vibrant and jovial game. The game play is very similar to isometric, graph-based games, like Final Fantasy Tactics, which gives the Dofus a strong sense of individuality when compared with other MMORPGS. The battles, being very tactical in perspective, require large amounts of teamwork, something that cannot be easily done when reaching the higher-tiered areas. The controls are very simple to understand, yet the looking over of one's skills should be in order (In retrospect, I nearly killed my team because I asked to myself "What does this skill do?")

The soundtrack of the game immediately pulled me into the world of Dofus. The originality and all-too-perfect choices of music bolstered my gaming experience, from the tranquil melody of the town to the heated sounds of battle and the cries of my virtual allies in pain. The graphics of the game, specifically of the characters, the environment, and the enemies, are extremely fluid in their movements; from the comical downing of a drink to the vehement smiting of an opponent, the character's colorful portrayal and movement easily warrant its play-to-play requirement.

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The Osamodas class, or the summoners and support units. One of the many classes you can choose from in Dofus

Character classes feature some familiar classes we all know and love, such as the annihilating berserker, a protective knight, and the destructive mage. In Dofus, we see the same sort of classes, but each of them with their own special, unique twist. From the defensive glyphs of the Feca's Shield to the versatile strikes of the Ecaflip, all of the characters do reasonably well by themselves and excel with fluid precision in a team. However, there are three extra classes one can get with premium subscriptions to the game, where they combine all of the aforementioned classes into their own fighting style. I, myself have never played them, yet I have noticed that they have been balanced out instead of ridiculously overpowered, something that subscription-based games tend to overlook.

Images for Dofus Review

The preparation scene before beginning a heated and action-packed battle.

The PvP environment is fair, yet the only use of such comes from the aspect of the "faction" in Dofus: The Angels and Devils. Granted, the idea of it is cookie-cutter, and at the same time, disadvantageous to the weak, but nonetheless heated and fun when you have the high enough level. (I'll tell you the truth, seven level 20s against a single level 100 ends out badly, that is, to the level 20s)

The community of Dofus is extremely jovial and friendly, and nonetheless gregarious to new members who, if asked politely, will help within a moment's notice. I, myself often have exciting escapades with those online just by conversing with them, sometimes without engaging in battles with monsters.

Off all the sings I said about Dofus, the only problem with the game comes from the "Pay to Play" part. If you play the free trial, you experience extremely low level cap (30 will be the highest out of the maximum 200), you can only explore one town, you cannot be part of the "factions" of Dofus, you cannot purchase a house, you cannot have a pet, you cannot equip certain items, and you have access to only one dungeon out of the plethora of dungeons.

All in all, Dofus is one of the most exciting online games out there with a great community, a very versatile and strategic battle system, colorful environments and graphics, and beautiful soundtracks: That is, unless you pay for your subscription.

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