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Dofus Arena Review by Hekutaa

  • Author: Hekutaa
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

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Dofus Arena. If you played Final Fantasy Tactics, then you will feel right at home, except this time, it’s PvP all the time. It takes place in the universe of Dofus, but this game pushes many aspects that Dofus does not deliver, but it sacrifices many qualities of a traditional MMO.

Dofus Arena exists in the same universe as Dofus, another popular MMO, so the characters from Dofus essentially move themselves to this game. Your Iop’s Heart becomes your main front-line attacker, while a Feca’s shield acts to protect your team and wither your opponent’s stamina. The twelve classes share similarities with commonly accepted MMO character classes, but feature their own charming, unique twist.

Dofus Arena Review Screenshots

The Iop's Heart class -- hits hard and fast with big swords

The community is very quiet and tranquil in Dofus Arena, which is, in my opinion, strange for PvP-oriented MMOs. Ordinarily, there would be massive amounts of fights and accusations that one player is a hacker, but rather, it is very laid-back (But there still exist chat fights, just not too many of them). In fact, I logged in once, and I noticed that the members were in a lax conversation. The community, I would say, is not too jovial, but not too belligerent.

The graphics of Dofus Arena are spectacular. All the characters move in completely fluid motion and the skills find the perfect balance between overly flashy and completely bland. The environments in which the battles take place are also very well-created, albeit that there may be some re-colors for some maps. Additionally, our own character’s color scheme may be changed via a color wheel, allowing for seemingly infinite aesthetic choices. Furthermore, although the game features a somewhat serious tone in battle, the skill image depiction adds a tinge of satirical humor in the game. For example, a character’s skill goes by the name of “Eagle Eye,” and in the artist’s depiction of the skill, the user literally holds an eye in his hand (But the actual casted skill during battle is a lot different—and a lot less morbid).

Dofus Arena Review Screenshots

One of the many areas in which you and your team may fight to the virtual death.

Dofus Arena emphasizes a very balanced form of character development. You can create a team from anywhere from one to six, where three to four is the average for most players. You, the coach of the team, are given 6000 kamas (the currency of the game, like gold, etc.) to build your team. You may choose from a fair list of weapons, accessories, and other items, but be warned: your characters do not start out with skills; you must purchase them. When purchasing items, it requires a large amount of thinking, mainly because the items you purchase for your team must be able to synergize with one another, and not just looks like a complete mish-mash of expensive items.

Dofus Arena is a 100% PvP game. The game does a stupendous job with balancing the fighting in the game, for the battles do not become mindless patterns of “who has the stronger attack,” but it focuses greatly on how well you manage your team’s strengths and defenses, making Dofus Arena especially appealing to gamers with a thirst for strategy games. Additionally, along with the intense PvP combat, players are given “cards” before the battle, with delightfully painful buffs and debuffs, ranging anywhere from “All damage up 10%,” to “Enemy’s movement down by 2.” The introduction of cards into the game further increases the amount of strategy, along with having a trusty “Ace up your sleeve.” However, with great amounts of thought into the game, the learning curve for this game is very, very steep; you must learn the ins and outs of your team to win.

Dofus Arena is definitely one game that is worth your time. Balanced PvP settings, great graphics, good community are just the tips of the iceberg for this MMO. However, if you do wish to play, get ready to learn strategy.

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