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Divine Souls Review by TeruyaEiko

  • Author: TeruyaEiko
  • Last Updated: April 19th, 2011

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Divine Souls is a free to play hack and slash MMORPG hosted by Outspark. The game is played like Rakion or Vindictus, a 3D click to attack quick-combo'd hack and slash MMO. It features 3 playable characters, but has very limited character customization. Although each character is only able to use one weapon throughout the entire game, there's a large variety of skills and attacks that are character specific, which is what makes each character unique. Many will find this game very similar to Vindictus, as it was released by Outspark roughly a week or two before Vindictus was released, and they both have very similar gameplay.

Divine Souls Screenshots

The game is played similar to Vindictus; there is a main town in which everyone goes to in order to quest, sell items, and buy items. Most of the quests involve hunting monsters. Monsters can be found in various fields or dungeons, which can be accessed if one runs into the respective area connecting to the map. The fields/dungeons are set up in a room-like system, so one must either join a room/party in their dungeon run, or create their own and wait for other people or solo. Although the wait times for finding a party for a run is rather long, once can easily enough solo the maps.

Divine Souls Screenshots

There are many factors of Divine Souls that really gives a bad experience to players. For example, when questing you may receive one quest from an NPC telling you to go run a dungeon. After running the dungeon (which is relatively time consuming) you go back to the NPC, who will reward you and give you another quest to run the same dungeon again. This is often the case for most of the quests in Divine Souls. This shows how small Divine Souls is, forcing you to run the same dungeon many, many times in order to compensate for the small number of maps. This seems to be the fate that such newer hack and slash MMOs face, as they are either not good (large.etc) enough, or are too large in size and require high-end CPU's to run.

Divine Souls Screenshots

The graphics in Divine Souls is a bit too shiny and bright for the eye, and one must set the brightness setting so it is comfortable to the eye. The town lags players a lot and so questing or moving around town in divine souls is a real pain. Additionally, the graphics requirement for the game are rather high for such a simple game, and I advise people who are interested in playing the game to have a high-end CPU regardless to what it says on the Outspark Divine Souls website.

Divine Souls Screenshots

Overall Divine Souls can really be improved graphically and gameplay wise. Look out for future patches, as in the future, there may be many more maps/dungeons, making the game relatively more fun to play. Personally I wouldn't recommend this game to play, due to its rather boring gameplay, mixed in with a 3 character hack and slash, which really irks me, as you see your "own character" in everyone else.

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