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Divine Souls Review by Silver Rook

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Divine Souls Review

As for today, I shall be reviewing the gameplay of Divine Souls, an MMORPG by Outspark. A free-to-play MMORPG with unique character classes with simliar storylines, all attempting to apprehend a major terrorist organisation only known as the Dark Moon with different reasons at hand. Within this action-fighting MMORPG, you're required to master aspects of the application medium before mastering your array of skills, combination attacks and weapons. In all seriousness, however, this game reminds me of Mabinogi Vindictus, a game developed by DevCat and is currently being hosted by Nexon. Nevertheless, I'll explain more about the game!

Gameplay Value:

Currently, there's little available classes for choice as because of the Closed Beta label. With the current three choices of gender-locked characters, you can either choose to play as the Slasher class, a female swordswoman that uses the Chain Sword for middle range combat, the Fighter class, a male fist-fighter with crushing close range abilities, or the Mage class, a female spelluser that crushes her oppositions from afar with the Cannon Staff. Currently, there is no available job advancements in this game, however it may be possible to advance in the near future.

Divine Souls Screenshots

Nevertheless, even without the possible job advancement ingame, you get to develop your character as along the leveling path. With great amounts of combinations to choose and learn from, you'll be able to wreck havoc in all situations without much difficulity. On the other hand, as you level, you might be able to improve your character's skills through the Skill Points system. Although with the huge amount of skills available for choice, there are some that ain't as efficient as others, so watch out for what you're spending your precious points on!

As we bring our attention about the characters, what isn't much better than to look good while looking for a kill? In within the game universe, most, if not all, of the equipments are upgradable with materials gained through destroyed, unwanted equipments. Of course, it's always advisable to upgrade your equipment as soon as possible as because you'll require as much damage as you can do. However, such leisure comes with a heavy price tag with a risk of running out of money in a short period of time. So, once again, choose wisely and think twice. If you're just using that piece of equipment for a few levels, keep it and bear with it for a stronger piece rather than replacing everything.

Divine Souls Screenshots

As per usual, hunting monsters are located within dungeons and the maps are always fixed. However, the maps are made just for you and your parties, so you do not have to worry about being kill stealed by trolls or nasty players alike. However, your experience and credits are shared, so watch for who you're partying with! On the other hand, the player versus player functionalty is available within the arena and it records the amounts of wins and losses you've made through out the game. Watch out for your latency, as because it could potentially screw your chances of winning altogether.

Finally, as because of recent issues of gamers grinding through the game for long periods of time (This actually kills the game replay value) and thus the fatigue system is added into the game. This system limits the amount of time being spent to play per day. However, it is possible to regain some bonus fatigue points through the player versus player arena. Regardless of that, it is still pretty easy to level up without going through all of your fatigue points for the earlier levels. If your points run out, take some time off in player versus player mode, or pop a chill pill in some other games while you're waiting! The fatigue points resets at 12AM PDT (server time), so take a break while you're waiting.

Graphical and Technical issues:

The graphics is indeed beautiful for a free-to-play MMO, however it might be intensive on lower-end systems. The characters are realistically modelled like how it's done in Mabinogi Vindictus, and of course, with monsters that looks like monsters. In most cases, dungeons may contain sub-bosses, which is a larger version of the existing monsters within the region, or end-bosses, which is designed to look extremely sinister to the point where you can feel the satsification of kicking its face in. The game supports the good old keyboard and mouse controls AND the Xbox controller. A issue faced for me is that the controls could not be changed within the game, but nevertheless, it isn't much of an issue for me (I would have to prepare before entering a different dungeon). So yeah, watch out if you have a slow computer. You won't want to play this game with 20 frames per second on your screen, it just doesn't do the justice it deserves!


The music within the game isn't that bad of a choice. In fact, I've found it to be quite fitting with the game itself. It was fresh and interesting for the first time when I've heard it and it's still working fine for me! The sound effects are pretty fitting with the clang and clashes and of course, groans and moans when you're beating down on stuffs. I do feel that the game audio goes well with the game itself... But yes, once again, repeative music sometimes kills that spirit of creativity inside me and makes the game feels kind of like a grind.

Divine Souls Screenshots

Community-wise? With friendly people everywhere, I don't see how would it be annoying to dungeon with. However, as because of the huge amount of gold sellers in game, it causes quite a trouble to communicate with others. Don't worry too much about them though, as it is possible to blacklist the bots and scripts with your blacklist function in-game! I feel that the community is actually pretty welcoming towards new players, so if this is your first time playing a third person fighter, why not give this game a try? With great graphics and good music, a nice community and player versus player within the game itself to make stuffs interesting at the level cap, hop over and start creating your very own Divine Soul character(s)!

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