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Dark Ages

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  • Name: Dark Ages
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Dark Ages

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US Kru Interactive Release Official Site N/A

Dark Ages Media

About Dark Ages

Dark Ages is an online role-playing game set in a fantasy world of faeries and magic. Dark Ages allows you the player to create your own characters choosing their name, gender, hairstyle, hair color, and path. You can battle monsters as a mighty Warrior, protect and heal as a Priest, use powerful magic as a Wizard, use the devious skills of a Rogue, or discover virtue and power with martial arts as a Monk. Once immersed in the world of Dark Ages, you can partake on quests, discover new lands, defeat powerful monsters, collect rare items and much more.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP
  • CPU: Pentium 200 MHz
  • Hard Drive: 200 MB
  • Memory (RAM): 64 MB
  • Graphics: DirectX 7-capable


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Oh, man. I remember this game. I loved RP-ing here, even though I'm not much of a hardcore RP-er. There's definitely a lot of in-game lore and history that you should really dig up on before sinking your teeth into it.

Graphics are really dated, and incredibly pixel-y. Sounds are also, lack-luster, but it's really the amount of effort from the community that really pulled the game together and made it so enjoyable.

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kuyaBaka - 02-14-2011

I don't know if I should double post, but now that I rated it I feel like I should give reasoning. The game is fairly easy to catch on to the basics, but to learn all the advanced features you really need to do some indepth research of archives of random forums that have come and gone. The graphics aren't anything special, but it's more of the game's style than anything. Gameplay I guess is fun, lots of different skills and spells to use (although most classes don't end up using more than a few for most of their training).

PvP is terrible, and really only one class + one skill dominates all. And to make it worse, botters rape in PvP, because all you do is bot for high hp and use a hp % based skill, which basically means one hit ko's on everyone. The community is whack, and for a game that's highly based on the community it kinda sucks that it had to be that way. There are good players around, and people still help, but not really at the same time. A lot of people are just straight up douches. The market isn't very good either, although stable at times most of it revolves around buying currency for real life (Everyone in the game does it) or duping in game items (so basically nothing is worth anything in reality).

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Goliath797 - 10-24-2010

The first online game I ever played, I picked it up when I was younger. I will say it was one of the most fun games I've ever played. I'm one of those 2d gamers (Maple story, ragnarok, la tale, etc) and this game was probably what I was looking for. The only thing that stops me from playing this game is the pay to play (which you don't have to, but to play as a master which is the main part of the game you have to be registered) and the fact that almost no one is a non-master that you can train with, so either you have to be a boss, or get friends quick and leech.

It has a lot of gameplay (I guess, in a way) and it kept me busy all the time. Training is more like leeching though, but once you hit master the game really opens up in options. However, it's infested with botters.

Overall a nice game, I'd stop by and give it a try if you're a 2d gamer. This is one game I can say that I've never really "quit", I always have an urge to pop in from time to time only to go on hiatus again because I can't do anything.

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Goliath797 - 10-24-2010

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