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Cosmic Break Review by Nihil679

  • Author: Nihil679
  • Last Updated: April 9th, 2011

Warning: This review is copyright of the review author listed above and reprinted by permission by ggFTW. This review may not be reprinted on any other site without express written permission from the review author. Game elements are copyrights of their respective developer and publisher.

Cosmic Break is a 3D, third-person shooter MMO, developed by Cyberstep and published by Cyberstep NA. The game's largest appeal comes from its anime-styled graphics of "mecha" and "mecha musume," attracting many anime mecha and mecha musume fans. Cosmic Break's simplistic gameplay makes it easy for casual players to join and easy to learn, so long as they have the mental capacity to do so. Various features, such as story, soundtrack, events, and community are also a great plus of Cosmic Break.

The first recognizable feature of Cosmic Break is the anime graphics. While anime graphics are usually looked down by MMO players as too "cutesy," Cosmic Break maintains its border on cute graphics, presenting a bearable gameplay as you run or fly and slash or shoot each other. Cosmic Break largely focuses on the "mecha" and "mecha musume" aspect of anime, in short, robots and robotic human girls. The balance between the amount of mecha and mecha musume generally leans towards the "male" mecha in shops. However, mecha musume remain popular, both aesthetically and gameplay-wise. The environments of Cosmic Break sport a simplistic feel to them, which greatly suits the robotic cyber setting. Trees, cactuses, and other destroyable objects are rigid and polygonal and cliffs, ledges, and bridges are leveled and flat. The effects of Cosmic Break are also simple, explosions being spheres or typical "bang" effects, slashes leaving a trail as you melee, and wireframes are used to show spawning.

Another interesting aspect of Cosmic Break is its gameplay. While I do not know myself, many players compare Cosmic Break to other mecha games, such as Armored Core or Virtual-On. Rather than being an open world conflict, Cosmic Break uses the room and lobby method. This "lobby" ranges from your union base (that being WIZ, BRD, or DOS for PvP), the central area (used for mission modes, one of the PvE features), or the ground area (PvE quest mode similar to arcade RPGs or boss mode). The game leans more towards PvP, as there is only so much you can do with the current PvE features outside of farming for parts and weapons for PvP.

Dividing the units into four different "types," Cosmic Break utilizes the rock-paper-scissors system as a way to maintain balance between types. Each type fits into different tastes of gameplay.

First are the mobile flying "AIR" types. AIR types are known for their quick movement, coming with an extended boost gauge, extended fly height, and many coming with high FLY stats. They also tend to be fragile, as their weakness to explosive weapons leaves them getting hit for 2.2x the damage. Many AIR types specialize with beam weapons, which are a great weakness to LND times.

Next are the "LND" types, short for land, of course. LND-based units tend to have great variety in gameplay, some opting for the "run-and-gun" tactic, others staying true to their type and turning to melee. LND types are weak to beam weapons, but they prove effective countermeasures against ARTs, that is if they are meleeing.

The final part of the rock-paper-scissors triangle is the "ART" types. Short for artillery, these units come with heavy firepower and an array of strong weaponry with high force (damage). Many ART types are known to be large, bulky, and decked from top to bottom with explosive weapons, making them a huge threat to AIR. However, these ART make easy pickings for LND types, who can easily run in and demolish the immobile units.

In addition, there is a "SUP" type, support-based units that do not fit in the rock-paper-scissors system. These units are known for the ability to use the Healing Wonder Bit or the Burst Fire Wonder Bit, items that any unit are allowed to use after racking up the Wonder Bit Gauge from taking damage or dealing damage.

In arena matches, teamwork is heavily encouraged. While going "Rambo" is not impossible, dying not only affects your own score, but your side's morale as well. Cosmic Break works off cost score and damage, meaning "kill steals" can only matter so much. In addition, this balances the cost-heavy units to prevent players from stacking their robots to an insane cost, then cause the team to lose with such heavy units.

PvE modes split between mission mode, quest mode, or boss battle mode. PvE can only go so far, as many players only play for fun or farming items.

Ending this review is the miscellaneous features. While Cosmic Break is no different from many MMOs, putting story as part of a "side dish," the quality of the stories to many units are interesting, to say the least. Coming from Japan, the game has small manga stories that players may read to learn more about some of their favorite robots. Each unit has its own unique backstory, and one may find them wanting more of the story and less of the game. One particular aspect of Cosmic Break is that Cyberstep had decided to keep the original Japanese voice-acting, which appeals greatly to the anime community, who often despises English voices for their corniness and lack of enthusiasm in games. Music lovers may also find the soundtrack of Cosmic Break to be quite enjoyable, a mix of techno and typical gaming music. An interesting fact about the community is that one of the GM actually visits 4chan's /jp/ forums. Events, known as campaigns in Cosmic Break, range from the typical discount on cash items to the new robot promotions to random GM events of transforming players in arena matches.

Cosmic Break is sometimes considered a "niche" game, a game that could only attract such a specific audience, those fans of anime and mecha. However, Cosmic Break can easily be a great MMO, its variety allowing even the most casual players something to enjoy.

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