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Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

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  • Name: Cloud Nine
  • Type: Client Download
  • Payment Model: Free to Play

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Cloud Nine

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Publisher Name Game Status Official Site Client
US MGame Release Official Site N/A

Cloud Nine Media

About Cloud Nine

Once upon a time, the Holy Land of Lunatia was more peaceful than it had ever been. Harmony flowered throughout all the villages, and the land was always lush and fertile. The people were always cheerful and kind; melancholy was unknown to them. Furthermore, in Lunatia human emotions were controlled by seven gods, and the seven gods watched over this calmness in content. It seemed they were satisfied with the world and its people.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
  • Hard Drive: 10 GB
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 5200; ATI Radeon 9500


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This game is rather generic. Though what game isn't these days? It features three races, which I won't bother to use their fancy names since they're: humans, itty-bitty-bunny-fairies, and not-so-itty-bitty-kitties. Each race has their own skill set that favors a specific mode of attacking over other races. For instance, the kitty-folk are good at strength/power/melee related things, whilst humans are good for magic, the bunny-fairies are good for either and are faster due to their stature. On top of that, there's a total of SIX (very linear) classes to choose from, which is not all that bad since each class is semi-balanced and has something different to offer.

What really gets me is the mass amount of recolors, you see them early in the game! It's kind of annoying. The player base itself seems to be very standoffish, making it discouraging for new players to join due to the lack of companions. You can easily get by via soloing in this game, but what fun is that? You may as well just play a console RPG if you're going to solo. :|

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LilPhenyl - 09-11-2011

I tried to install this game, and it managed to blue screen my computer at least 7 times. Maybe I have an awful computer, or maybe this game has massive glitch problems, I don't know. I'm not planning on taking another chance at it, no matter how fun it sounds. ):

Sleepless - 04-02-2011

Tried this and the gameplay experience seems decent. It has an interesting take on revolving between 2 classes on 1 character toon. Heavy questing game and a lot of the fun comes from being able to take part in party matches(pvp). If anything, this game is very similar to having a casual game and a open map pk game put together(Though only designated map). It also divide players into 2 nations like most pk games do. What make this game great is that you don't see much of the same foul attitudes. However, there doesn't seem to be much beside pve and party matches and nation wars. Overall, a decent game with some bugs and good potential. It remains to be seen if it's a game most players will stick around to play hardcore though.

Shisu - 07-08-2010

All ratings based on Holic, which may be a little unfair. Eseentially this is the updated version of Holic, with new stuff. Holic was fun for a while, and had a great stat/skill system, making it nice not to have to splash out on stat resets to make your character more efficient. PvP was lacking, but I believe this is integrated now.

Eire - 11-19-2009

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