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CardMon Hero Review by TeruyaEiko

  • Author: TeruyaEiko
  • Last Updated: April 18th, 2011

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Cardmon Hero is a rather new MMORPG, hosted by t3fun, with relatively new features and gameplay. The game is based upon a Card Summoning System. Players can obtain "mercenary cards", which are essentially monster cards, and summon them as mercenaries to help you in battle. Mercenary cards are used like summoning skills, the summon (mercenary) costs a small amount of items (usually 3 "yellow stones") and is timed and when the time runs out, the mercenary is "returned to the card". After a mercenary is "un-summoned" its cooldown initiates. Additionally, when a mercenary dies, it is just returned to its card. Most cards can be used an infinite number of times, but there are a select few special cards that can only be used once.

Cardmon Hero Screenshots

There are 3 main classes in Cardmon Hero, although it claims to support a free class system. At level 10 you can choose to have a specialization, which does not affect your class change at level 30. At level 30 you can choose to become a Fighter, Mage, or Summoner. There are a variety of weapons that each class can use for example; being a warrior includes mainly using a bow, claw, dagger, two hand, axe.etc All classes can use the card summoning system, although summoners are a class bent towards assisting the summoned mercenaries instead of fighting alongside them.

Cardmon Hero Screenshots

Along with normal maps there are also dungeons that you can play solo or in parties with. These dungeons often have a boss which drops a special boss card or parts of it. This is often the main reason to why people run dungeons other than for quests in Cardmon hero.

The game is also heavy on quests and not grinding. Players must go from quest to quest and finish them all in order to level. Buying cash in the game doesn't give that much of a clear advantage over non-paying players. What can be bought in the cash shop is mainly some cash shop cards, buffs, and costumes, all of which can also be traded and sold in the player market for in-game currency. Cardmon Hero also employs a very unique item finding system, in which with a simple search any time at anyplace can bring up a list of shops in all channels that are selling your specified item with the price, level requirements, icon, store name, channel, and location (map). This is incredibly useful to players, as buying and selling items is easier. There are a variety of in-game time events, in which all players at all levels can attend to (with the exception of PvP and dungeon events which have level requirements). These events all give items, and medals, which can be sold for a large amount of Meso (the in-game currency). The events include: Snowball fights, cow killing for milk, 4 vs. 4 survival, and 50 vs. 50 battles.

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The game is fairly good, with nice but not too heavy graphics and can be run on medium-low end PCs. I recommend this game to players who do not mind questing in order to level, running dungeons over and over again for rare cards, and open to new gameplay systems.

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