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Business Tycoon Online Review by Faith

  • Author: Faith
  • Last Updated: June 3rd, 2011

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Business Tycoon Online is a free-to-play browser based game developed and published by Dovogame. It is a business-themed simulation game where a player focuses on expanding his company to rise to the top and become the best.

System - 7/10

Being a browser-based game it only requires a low-end computer in order to run it. Occasionally there is an odd form of lag or some kind of glitch here and there but is fixed fairly quickly or won't hamper the gameplay itself too much. BTO does suffer from the fact that the staff releases servers too often without focusing on improving the populations of the pre existent servers. Then again, that might likely be because of the fact there are limited spaces for players to build stores.

Graphics - 6/10

Drawings of people are moderately detailed and buildings itself are done extremely well. The rest of the graphics is generally what is normally expected from a browser game. The interface itself does feel a little cluttered though as it requires going through a few menus before the intended one. There is a big problem where they have incorporated an licensed image (not owned by them, can be sued for it) for their banner for event which is a BIG nono. It can lead a person to be questionable towards their work ethics.

Business Tycoon Online Screenshots

Click and wait routines for a reward

Gameplay - 4/20

The basic purpose for the player is to expand their business and upgrade their companies. Each company upgrade requires certain conditions to be met and is focused towards something called store upgrade points (SUP). Just as it sounds, it is used to upgrade stores and can be exchanged for other types of points used to upgrade flagship stores and Corporate HQ. SUPs are obtainable through events or waiting for a certain amount of hours for a single point which caps at a certain amount. The currency used in BTO is TCN, gratis gold and gold. TCN is just the regular currency or revenue obtained from stores, gold is the cash currency, while gratis gold is a special kind that can only be spent on VIP cards and some other items.

General features of the game includes cross server stronghold battles for certain bonuses, horse racing, landmark negotiations, mansions, character attributes, etc. It is generally to be expected that a person will not get very far in any aspect of the game unless money is spent. The game itself is very repetitive in nature as the player will be doing the same thing every day to fulfill requirements on daily quests and occasionally events.

The events itself are extremely horrid. The average player who hasn't spend a dime can generally finish 0-25% of the events as long as they've already devoted a few months to the game and have been on every single day. The rest of the events require the player to spend anywhere from literally hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars to complete which is completely overboard for any kind of game, although some events do overlap on the requirements. This is just asking too much for the average person to spend.

Business Tycoon Online Screenshots

Climbing a mountain? Sounds tough. Oh wait, I'm already stuck at a point where I need to spend $150+

Audio - N/A

Business Tycoon Online doesn't incorporate music or audio in any sort of form.

Overall - 17/40

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