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Atlantica Online Review by ThisIsAPen

  • Author: ThisIsAPen
  • Last Updated: June 10th, 2011

Warning: This review is copyright of the review author listed above and reprinted by permission by ggFTW. This review may not be reprinted on any other site without express written permission from the review author. Game elements are copyrights of their respective developer and publisher.

Atlantica Online is a turn based strategy massively multiplayer online published by nDoors, but was later acquired by Nexon. The game features turn-based combat with the player's avatar and several mercenaries. Battles are fought on a 3 vs. 3 battle, but at later levels, the battle expands to 9 vs. 9. Featuring a vast world representing the real world ranging from Asia to America. With several mercenaries to choose from, your party will constantly change. The gameplay of this plays out sort of like Disciple II. With a recent patch, TROY, the game expanded gameplay with a variety of grid-based missions. This can be compared to grid-based strategies such as Fire Emblem, Advanced Wars, and Tactics Ogre.

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The game interface is pretty complicated with a wide assortment of menus. Inventory space isn't much of a problem in this game unlike some MMOs; for each mercenary you hire, you obtain more bag space. There is an auto-move button in case you get a lost on a quest--with a click of a button--your character will head towards the target. Although that is very convenient, the game is basically run through with that button. I rarely ever actually manually moved my character from one place to another unless I was attack a monster. The actual battle is pretty straightforward; you have a set amount of set for all your mercenaries to attack/heal/defend/buff. After the time is up, your opponent strikes so it's basically hitting each other back and forth until one is victorious. As simple as it sounds, it eventually gets to the point to where you're going to position your mercenaries. For example, melee attacks can only attack the front row, meaning your front row will be tanking the damage, etc. If the player's avatar falls in battle, your mercenaries will flee regardless of the remaining enemies. It gets pretty interesting at higher levels since you fight wide assortments of enemies throughout.

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In the TROY update, you're able to take your mercenaries into a grid-based battle. In this mode, you move across a grid and clear the given objective, your skills are tweaked a little to match the grid, and you are given structures that can upgrade and build vehicles which can change the tide of battle.

In terms of other things to do than fight, there isn't much. There's crafting, but that requires you to build up stamina, which is done by fighting and the process of creating the item requires you to fight to pass the time. In PvP, you are given the option to duel other players or enter in occasional tourneys for prizes. The PvP didn't really seem very unbalanced because of limits on which class of mercenaries you're allowed to carry. Each mercenary is graded from A to D, A being the strongest. In PvP, it's really how strong your equipment is and how you built your mercenaries.

In a nutshell, this game is pretty unique and is worth a try if you love turn based RPGs. So if you're looking for something different for MMOs, try Atlantica.


-Unique game play incorporating turn based strategy into an MMO

-Build up you team of 9 with up to tons of mercenaries each with different skills and abilities along with your own avatar who wields a pre-selected weapon at character creation

- Upgrade and manage you mercenaries with skills and equipment

-Search function of towns allow easy management when finding what items you need

-Towns offer many necessary items at a set price, no more will people take advantage of the market

-Auto-move function allows you to go where you need whether it be an NPC location, quest location, or monster location

-Unique crafting system, train yourself to create armor, medicine, food, jewelry, etc; the more you craft, the more your crafting skills go up


-Vastness of the world may leave you using Auto-move a lot

-May turn repetitive at times

-Mounts require cash

-Some mercenaries require you to purchase them

-Exclusive expensive grade A mercenaries available through cash, giving some people the advantage

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