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AIKA Online Review by Silver Rook

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AIKA Online is a 3D free-to-play MMORPG with beautiful graphics and dynamic gameplay values. From your ordinary explore and level style of MMO to your nation-wide PvP style gameplay, you can either lead your nation into massive skirmishes with other nations to retrieve rare relics that would award buffs for your fellow players or level up and explore the world as though playing your ordinary MMORPG.

Systems and Configurations

AIKA Online is a graphics intensive 3D online game. There will be occasions where literally hundreds of players would gather to form raids against other nations and that would bring a possible huge workload for your graphic cards. In such a scenario, you might want to get a flat 40 to 60 FPS as because the true nature of AIKA is mostly about PvPing and thus even a little bit of lag could cause you your victory. The system configurations is simple to understand with multiples way to edit and change the settings to one that suits your tastes.

Aika Review Screenshots

Graphics and Animations

AIKA Online, being a more recent productions on the list of MMORPGs, contains beautiful graphics and stunning animations. The details on clothing, the environment and the smoothness of the animation is definitely worth a download. Available in both normal and wide screen resolutions, you can always play AIKA in full screen mode with the sharpness that we're all expecting for.

Aika Review Screenshots

Gameplay and Storyline

AIKA Online is pretty simple to play, just point and click to move, or use your arrow keys to move about the world. Much alike most MMORPGs, hotkeys are available for quick usage of important spells and potions. With 6 different classes to play as and three tiers to upgrade into, AIKA gives many different tiers of play styles for you.

One of the different aspects of AIKA Online in comparison with other MMORPGs would be the Pran System, where you're given an elfish like Pet/ Child. Your Pran follows you about, gets hungry, asks questions and requests for items or gives items to you. You can even train and transform your Pran into a higher state of being, from the basic fairy form to her child form and so on.

On the other hand, AIKA Online also gives you a choice to break free from your old style questing and leveling concept into a much more aggressive, PvP style gameplay. AIKA gives you a choice to work together with your fellow citizens as a nation, fighting off raiders from other nation that's after your nation's treasury or relic or raiding a nation for additional relics to store. These relics gives boosts to your nation's citizens and thus improving the chances of gathering a stronger force to push hostile invaders back to the Rift.

Last but not least, the Item Mall located within AIKA is rarely needed. However, it does gives you an advantage over your opponents. Do remember that AIKA is ultimately a PvP styled MMORPG. You may require as much advantage as you can get.

Audio and Music Quality

The music of AIKA Online is fitting towards the gameplay provided within. However, it does get very repetitive after long periods of gaming. AIKA Online also includes vocals for characters and the Pran. This however, gets annoying after awhile and loses its novelty. However, there's a modification available to either silence your Pran or give her another, less annoying, voice instead. The skill audio cues are pretty easy to catch and fits in with the game perfectly. Thus the audio may not be good, but it works.

AIKA Online is a pretty immersive game. In most cases available, when the grinding gets boring, you can easily go on towards the PvP side of the game. Work together with your friends and push your nation to be the strongest available!

I have a pretty good experience in this game. It was pretty interesting, thus I'm going to give a 8/10. It's definitely worth a try, so what are you waiting for?

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