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Vindictus Early Access Beta

Vindictus Early Access Beta


  • Event: Vindictus Early Access Beta
  • Dates: 15 Sep 2010 - 4 Oct 2010
  • Keys [total]: 50
  • Keys [remaining]: This campaign has ended.

Event Description:

UPDATE 2! Beta keys are OUT! If you still need one or if you got your two spare keys please share in the Vindictus Forum. Thanks!

UPDATE! When the keys run out please check the Vindictus Forum -- a lot of people are giving away their spare keys there!

ggFTW has received a few keys from Nexon for the Vindictus Early Access Open Beta! Keys are very limited so be sure to snag yours quickly before they run out! Once you have your key you may redeem it here:

Vindictus Beta Key Access

If you receive additional beta keys why not share them with other ggFTW members? If you wish to do so, please post a note in the Vindictus Forum. Also, if we run out of keys please be sure to check the Vindictus forum to see if anyone's got spare keys:

Vindictus Forum

Don't forget to rate your experience on Vindictus! Just click the "Grade It!" link on the Vindictus info page:

Vindictus Info

Please log in using the bar at the top or register to request a key!



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