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Mission Against Terror Item Giveaway

Mission Against Terror Item Giveaway


  • Event: Mission Against Terror Item Giveaway
  • Dates: 25 Feb 2011 - 31 Dec 2011
  • Keys [total]: 500
  • Keys [remaining]: This campaign has ended.

Event Description:

For all new registered Mission Against Terror players, Suba Games giving away to players 2 free cash shop items! Players can use this opportunity to catch up on what they have missed and be just in time for the new features coming next month! New registered players will be rewarded with a 7 day Saber (a great melee weapon ) and a 20% EXP bonus card just for signing up. Donít miss out on your chance for these free items!

To get these items, all you have to is the following:

NOTE: Each key is actually two keys separated by a dash (-).
  1. Visit Suba Games' MAT homepage to register an account. Make sure you following all the necessary instructions to make sure your account is activated properly.
  2. Visit to redeem your gift key.
  3. Download and Install the client, then log into the game using the account you registered with.
  4. Create a character and log into the game.
  5. The item package will be given to your character at the moment of login.

Please log in using the bar at the top or register to request a key!



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