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Karos Online: New Player Welcome Gift

Karos Online: New Player Welcome Gift


  • Event: Karos Online: New Player Welcome Gift
  • Dates: 22 Dec 2009 - 31 Dec 2009
  • Keys [total]: 50
  • Keys [remaining]: This campaign has ended.

Event Description:

/gg FTW, in cooperation with NHN Corporation, is giving away keys for the open beta event "A welcome gift for the new users."

We have good news for new users of Karos Online! From December 4 to December 31, new players will be given Gift keys from selected Karos Online partner websites and establishments. These Gift keys will be used to obtain a certain useful in-game item that will be of great help to them while playing Karos Online.

Once a player obtains a Gift key, he or she will be able to enter this key via a banner link on the Karos Online website. Upon doing so, the item will be added directly to their account through their main game character (which they should select). The item will be automatically added to the inventory; if the inventory is full, the item will be given when the inventory is available.

Please be advised, however, that a Gift key can only be used once for each account.

Event Prize: 5 Strength Potions

Instructions to redeem key
  • Register a Karos Online game account at and log in
  • Download and install the client
  • Launch the game and create a character
  • Choose your main character from MYPAGE on the official website
  • Register the Gift Key code and submit it
  • Receive the in-game items (check out your game inventory)

Please log in using the bar at the top or register to request a key!



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