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ggFTW Guilds is currently in BETA. Please report any bugs in the Site Bugs forum.

ggFTW Guilds allows you to create a custom page for your guild. Add and update your members, leaders, emblems, and guild information in one convenient location. Most guild controls can be found in the left-side menu depending upon your access level for that guild. To add a new guild, simply select "Add Guild" and input the required information. Once your guild is created you have owner access to update your guild page as you wish. Only ggFTW staff may transfer ownership of a guild but the guild owner can manage guild leaders. ggFTW Guilds come in two flavors: Recognized and Unrecognized Guilds.

Recognized Guilds

Recognized Guilds are guilds that have met the 15 member requirement and been granted a guild forum. The guild notice system and (coming soon) custom forum emblems can only be used by Recognized Guilds. Additionally, Recognized Guilds will appear in the main navigation of the site and game database pages. It's easy for your guild to become a Recognized Guild -- just accrue 15 members and post a Guild Forum Request. If you already have a guild forum please add your 15 members to your guild page and post a request in the Administrative Requests Forum. Be sure to include a link to your guild page so our operations staff can verify the 15 member requirement!

Unrecognized Guilds

Unrecognized Guilds are smaller guilds that have not met the 15 member requirement or requested a guild forum. Although we'd like to offer you the same services as our Recognized Guilds, we must do this to prevent abuse of the ggFTW Guild System. Unrecognized Guilds cannot post guild notices, (coming soon) create forum emblems, and will not appear in the top-level navigation menus. Unrecognized Guilds are still viewable via the guild index; however, so people can find and join your guild.

Guild Limits

Hey, we had to put some or Kowiz would join every guild on the site! ggFTW members are limited to joining 10 guilds. If you wish to join another guild and you're already at 10 you'll need to leave one of your existing guilds. Also -- just like guild forums -- guild pages are limited to 4 guild leaders including the owner.



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