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Please use this form to submit a review. Reviews should be between 400 and 600 words. ggFTW reserves the right to reject any reviews that are overly biased or of poor quality.

To begin, please select the game you'd like to review.

Protip: To find the game more easily, click the select box and type the first letter of the game's name.

In general, you should try to review the gameplay, graphics, sound/audio, community, and features. Please do not include reviews about the game's publisher as the publisher is not always relevant to the actual game.

First things first, please help us rate the game on a 1-10 scale where 1 is the worst and 10 is the best.

Reviews should be in Microsoft® Word (.doc) or (.docx) format, OpenOffice (.odt) format, RichText (.rtf) format, or plain text (.txt) format. Other document formats will be rejected.

The maximum file size for all documents is 1 MB (1048576 bytes). This includes the actual review and all screenshots.

Please attach some screenshots to use with your review. Don't worry about the dimensions as our lightbox system will format them properly. Just make sure that all of the screenshots and the review document are not larger than 1MB combined.

You must include at least two (2) screenshots but may include up to four (4). We only accept (.png) and (.jpg) images for screenshots. We reserve the right not to accept lewd or irrelevant images.

And that's all we need! Please make sure you've selected a game, selected a review document, and selected at least two (2) screenshots. If everything's in order go ahead and click "Submit Review" below. Please note it may take us a couple of days to check your review. We'll let you know through private message on our forum when its posted or if we need anything else.

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