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Ok, what's this ggFTW Game Card Center all about? Hella glad you asked.

The ggFTW Game Card Center is a legal way to get cash shop points into the hands of gamers that could not otherwise afford or obtain them. The premise is simple -- you (the gamer) want cash shop stuff and we want reviews and stuff. So, we'll swap our game cards for your reviews (and other things).

We know you probably have a few questions so we've put together this nifty FAQ list to try and answer them.

  1. Is this even legal?
  2. What are FTWpoints?
  3. How do I get FTWpoints?
  4. Can I just get a PayPal transfer?
  5. Can I get a $5 game card?
  6. Why are some cards not available in my country?
  7. Publisher X said I should be wary of giving my personal information to other sites.
  8. Who can help me if my game card code doesn't work?

Is this even legal?

Absolutely yes. We've read every inch of the terms and conditions for the publishers and cards and we're absolutely certain we're operating within their Ts & Cs. We've even talked to a few lawyers and game publishers to make sure this is legal. It's just as legal as your parent or friend buying a card for you from the store and then handing it to you. ggFTW does not sell you the card. We buy it on your behalf and give it to you.

What are FTWpoints?

FTWpoints are points earned on ggFTW for different things. FTWpoints have no cash value, are not tradeable, and never expire. FTWpoints can be exchanged for game cards in the ggFTW Game Card Center.

How do I get FTWpoints?

Right now we have two ways to earn FTWpoints. The first is by writing reviews. Just write a review for a game you've played and submit it through our easy-to-use review submission system. Our games staff will look over it and post it as long as it meets our quality guidelines. The first review for a game is worth thirty (30) FTWpoints and subsequent reviews for the same game are worth ten (10) FTWpoints.

Another way to earn FTWpoints is to refer friends to ggFTW. We'll make it easier for you; if you're logged in you can use the referral link below to make sure you get credit for your friends joining. To count, your friends must make five (5) posts in our forums. Sorry, blame the cheaters for that one. Referrals are updated every week at midnight PST on Sunday automatically.

Can I just get a PayPal transfer?

Unfortunately, we can't do that. It could potentially violate the game cards' terms of service by assigning a cash value to FTWpoints which, as we mentioned above, have no cash or cash equivalent value.

Can I get a $5 game card?

We have to work with the publishers to get cards at $5 (which take less points to earn). If you don't see a card you like, please ask the game publisher to contact us. We'll work with them to get you the game cards you want.

Why are some cards not available in my country?

Because we have to keep this legal. Most of the cards have very specific countries in which they may be redeemed. To knowingly give the code to someone outside those countries could violate the terms of service. If we do that, we'd have to shut the whole thing down.

Publisher X said I should be wary of giving my personal information to other sites.

And they are absolutely correct. ggFTW will never ask you for your game account name, password, PayPal address, or other personal information when using our Game Card Center. If anyone does ask you for these things DO NOT give it to them and report it to site management (bold, blue, underlined named doods).

Who can help me if my game card code doesn't work?

First, double check the code you entered. If you entered the correct code, then we're afraid you have to ask the game publisher. It's not that we don't want to help -- we can't support their websites. Feel free to give them our contact information as we can provide them more information to troubleshoot the issue.

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Game Card Center

Welcome to the ggFTW Game Card center. Here you may exchange your FTWpoints for your favorite game's game cards.


FTWpoints can be obtained by submitting game reviews to ggFTW. Please check the contributor program for more information.

Safe & Secure

ggFTW Game Card Center doesn't require you to register for shady sites or submit personal information to surveys. Play, write, earn. It's that simple.

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No waiting, no hassles, no worries. As long as we've got the card you want in stock, you're one click away. Card codes are delivered instantly and automatically.

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