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Yumidesu 11-29-2009 07:56 AM

Shifting out of walls and corners.
Haven't used Yuki in a very long time now. :x So, how2shift out of walls and corners?

With Asuka, you can use AAAA, which is like Yuki's AAS, but Asuka's AAAA is more lengthy and carries farther (the spin part). So, what2do.

Completely lost corner wise. x.x

HoroTheWise 11-29-2009 06:17 PM

Opps didn't see it was for yuki.

sentythee 11-30-2009 12:33 PM

At a certain height, you can use AA [back] S. You'll know when you can do it because you'll be on top of your opponent after the AA.

An easier way is to use AA [non-180 degree turn] S when your opponent is at the same level as your head. When you do this, your opponent will be pushed farther than you'll move, so your opponent will be away from the wall.

You can also use [back] CBD [run behind opponent] where CBD will push your opponent backwards with the three hits. You can only do this when your opponent isn't touching the wall, otherwise there isn't enough space for you to run to the other side and continue.

In some rare cases, if some attack lands your opponent just the right distance away from the wall, you can d [hold until you're right next to your opponent] AS [turn] [continue]. This works when that first attack leaves just enough room for yuki to fit between your opponent and the wall. You can also use this to 180 shift when you're not near a wall (from ground, AAdAS AAdAS [turn] AAdAS). The timing for the last AA is the same as #1.

When the above works, you can also use IGF [dash cancel immediately] [run behind] [continue]. The first hit won't push your opponent away. Use this if your last attack was dAS.

If you want to shift away from the wall while you're combing along the wall, you can use AA [turn] S [direction of opponent] S. The last S is just to undo the AAS disalignment, if there is any.

Jumper 11-30-2009 01:00 PM

Basics for Walls:
(top wall, going right):
6 AA 2 S 3...
6 AAA 3 A 6683(4key shift)
6 AS 22 CBD, then shift wherever.

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