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01-11-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Hybrid Stage/ PvP Built

I'm trying to get a built that will stage fairly efficiently but will also be proficient in pvp.

First built choice (more pvp oriented):
ルニア戦記 - スキルシミュレータ

Second Built Choice:
ルニア戦記 - スキルシミュレータ

I have a couple of questions regarding some skill opinions

1. Ice Giant's Fist
-Is this skill worth it to max in stage / pvp or is it best to leave it at lvl 1?

2. Cold Whirlwind
-I have seen a lot of Yuki's max this skill but is it really worth it considering the mana cost:damage ratio. Also the slow down effect on last for a couple of seconds so is it worth 6 points in this skill?

3. Cold Nuclear
This skill I guess is like the freezing effect of moon bind but is lvl 4 enough for this skill or does it need to be lvl 7 / lvl 9?

4. Mana Recov
I guess mana recov is pretty essential in pvp considering that Yuki does lack many skills to keep enemies away in pvp but is it worth it and also what lvl is the suggested for this skill.

Thanks in advance.
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01-11-2009   #2 (permalink)
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1. 1 for hybrids. I'd consider IGF and IP to be point dumps.

2. Depends on how you use it.

3. 7 or 9 with the former being more favored atm. Need to get Rumah to mess around with it more.

4. Maxed.


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