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Default Yuki Build

ƒ‹ƒjƒA‹L - ƒXƒLƒ‹ƒVƒ~ƒ…ƒŒ[ƒ^

Its good, right? =X

The one thing I'm not 100% sure of is the last Skill Tab, where I have maxed M.Crit and Lv2 Mana Increase.

I maxed Magic Deadly Blow instead of Mana Increase because I really never had mana problems with my Battle Eir on 1500 mp (EXACTLY 1500 mp, xD), even when spamming basically all my skills to death in Jahilyah Raids.

I've never actually used Yuki, but I'm pretty sure I can handle my mana fine. I'm planning on using a L.Lir set for the set bonuses anyway, so I'll have INT from that ;D

So, I'd rather have the 10% M.Crit as opposed to a few hundred more mana. I'm actually planning for a really nice Crit rate, with 2 Pieces of Holy L.Lir and 4 Pieces of regular L.Lir. (Or the other way around.) Add all that crit bonus up and I have like 21% or 22% crit. Awesome ;D

So yeah, the build is good, right? =o
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12-16-2008   #2 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by VeraSwablu
I've never actually used Yuki, but I'm pretty sure I can handle my mana fine.
Not. Gonna. Happen.

Yuki's skills are low cd and extremely spamable. Unless you intend to forsake the chief characteristic of the class (i.e. DPS), you will run into mp problems A LOT. I would seriously recommend maxing/getting a high level in one or more of the MP passives, with extension probably getting priority over increase and increase over regen.


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