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11-29-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Cbiv!

Dear WonderKing Users,

As always, we are thankful to our fans for their ongoing support of WonderKing. We’re continuously working hard to match your excitement level for the next phase, and we are happy to announce the return of WonderKing.

We’re working very hard to move the game towards Open Beta Testing - we are currently revamping the entire PvP system. Therefore, PvP will not be available in the next phase. We are taking the initiative to make it better than ever. We are making great strides in every aspect of the game.

We are aware that the holiday season is coming up and the WonderKing team believes everyone should have a blast during this time of year. We wanted to express our appreciation of the players by bringing the game back up and move into Closed Beta IV so that everyone can enjoy it during the holidays.

It is important to note that we will patch Closed Beta IV periodically to emphasize improved game-play. Closed Beta IV will feature:

* Bug fixes from the previous phases and various class changes.
* Continue the adventures you were on. No wipe from Closed Beta III!
* Play WonderKing to level 30 to be eligible to receive a special Closed Beta gift when WonderKing officially launches.
* Winter Festivities for all WonderKing players!
* For the first 24 hours of CBT IV, we will be doing a Thanksgiving Giveaway of [Heart] face tags.
* Reach the goals you have yet to achieve…

We hope that everyone has a great holiday season and we will do our best to move towards WonderKing perfection!

The WonderKing Team
Weeeeeeeeeeeee~ Now I can possibly get my 120 skill. 8D

How sexy. <3
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