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ahhhhh wait
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Default ggFTW Wiki FAQ

I've found that many people ask me the same questions. So I compiled them here, if you have a question that wasn't answered here please don't hesitate to ask in this thread. I'll update the thread as questions come.
v1.00 Initial Release

1)Where are the wikis?
The link is located at the very bottom of any page here at ggFTW.

You can also bookmark the link Main Page - /gg FTW! Wiki.

2)Why aren't the wikis on the top bar anymore!?
To make a long story short, they were taken down because a good majority of them are inactive. Now if they were to be actively maintained by the community Noe said that he would consider reinstating it.
Longer Story:

Even longer story:

3)What's with this "TO" and "LT" things in front of some pages?
A long time ago, the technology limitations made it so the wikis were just one big collective one. Because of this, these namespaces had to be used in order to facilitate each wiki (so if you were looking for a broad sword in Trickster you wouldn't get the one in Lunia). Now they are each their own wiki, so the namespaces aren't needed anymore. However, because of all the work already in the respective namespaces, it will take a very long while before all these namespaces are purged. However, please do not use anymore namespaces. "NPC List" and "Sword.png" is fine now.

4)I want to learn some wiki code, where should I start?
Check out my guide: /forum/wiki-discussi...fix-guide.html
If that isn't what you need help with, please check the external links I put there. If it's a very specific problem and you can't find any answers to it then PM me or someone from the Wiki Staff.

5)Why am I unable to edit certain pages?
You need an account to be able to start editing any pages. The accounts here on the forum are tied to the wiki, so all you need to do is register for the forum (don't worry it's free).

If you are logged in, it is because some pages are protected, and similar to wikipedia it may be limited to managers/sysops. This is because it's something important, such as the main page, or templates that many pages rely on. Also, any pages with "Mediawiki:" in the name are also off limits to everyone but sysops. These pages deal with the interface (what everyone sees) and shouldn't be messed with unless you know what you are doing anyway.
Furthermore, the database could be locked, for maintenance for example. The main page wiki (the one that links to specific ones) is currently locked.

6)I have some info that isn't on the wiki, but I don't know what to do/I'm too busy/too lazy.
Please post a thread in the respective wiki (so Latale information goes to the Latale Wiki subforum), or if there isn't one post in the main wiki subforum, and someone will help out.

7)Can we have a wiki for X game?
You'll have to ask Management here about that. You can ask here: Administrative Requests - ggFTW MMORPG and MMO Gamer Community . I'll just say right now, the chances of getting a new wiki is not very high. However, if you can gather a substantial amount of people who would be willing to start and maintain a new wiki, I say give it a shot, the worse that could happen is a "no".

8)Who are the staff/moderators/sysops of the wikis here?
The wiki staff (bureaucrats) here are Medoria, Sidero, and Zegridathes. If you need to contact one of them, I suggest talking to Sidero.

Wiki sysops that aren't on wiki staff: Sandrie (all wikis), Mirae (Latale wiki).

Wiki managers: gawhie (Trickster wiki), smiley (Trickster wiki). Moderators have most of the sysop privileges, such as deleting things.

Contact one of the above if you have questions or problems like:

1)someone vandalizing/blanking pages on the wiki
2)you/someone else broke something really important, and you are unsure to fix it (note:an undo would be sufficient)
3)something that needs to be deleted ASAP (i.e. spam, inappropriate pictures)
4)Specific questions like "Something is wrong on X page"

9)If I wanted to help out, where should I start?
Each wiki has their own project(s) going on, here they are for your convenience:
Trickster Online
Latale Online
/forum/latale-genera...kill-gifs.html (all active projects are listed in the OP)
Dungeon Fighter Online
Dragonica/Dragon Saga
We are in the process of revamping this wiki, but we need people who actively play the game to help with content.
Dragon Nest
This is a new wiki that is just starting up! Take a look a round, right now it's based on foreign servers however.

10)Why don't images update right away when you upload a new version?

Basically, ggFTW's CDN cache gets all the current images "stuck", so it takes anywhere from 1 day to over 2 weeks to update. There really isn't a way to fix that I know of (The cache literally holds things for 10 years), so please do take care when uploading images. If you made a mistake, don't panic, just upload the correct image and then leave it be, it will update itself eventually. It's "there", it will just take a while to show up.

Last edited by Sandrie; 02-22-2011 at 11:02 PM.
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