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Sandrie 09-26-2010 02:41 PM

Wiki Quick Fix Guide
Wiki Quick Fixes Guide
by Sandrie
v1.00 - First version, I think I got everything?
v1.01 - added the edit toolbar, it's pretty much like any forum so easy enough
v1.02 - minor fixes

v1.03 - new images, minor revisions
v1.04 - removed the bar, going to make another guide just for that

Table of Contents
II.Wiki Toolbar
III.Basic Editing
IV.Image Upload
V. Deleting Things off the Wiki
VI.Other stuff

I noticed that there are probably a lot of mistakes in the wiki but when someone happens across one they might not know how to change it. So they either ignore it or ask for someone else to do it. I'm posting this here so next time you run across a mistake you can fix it yourself and get a nice fuzzy feeling inside. I just want to say right now the best way to learn how to edit the wiki is to practice. I can have as many pretty pictures as I like but it's not the same as experience.


First off, here's quick rundown on the toolbar on top. (Most of it is self explanatory)

1.The current page you are on
2. Discussion of said page. Discussions (just like on wikipedia) is to address content, controversy, etc.
3. The edit button. This is where you (of course) click if you want to edit a page.
4. History button. This keeps tracks of all edits, at what time, and the actual content. If someone say, blanks the page, you could go here and revert it to a past revision using this.
5. Move button. Click here and follow prompts to move a page (use only if necessary).
6.Watch button. If you want to track a certain page, click here. It will list future changes to this page and its associated talk page on top of said page, and if you look at the recent changes the page will be bolded. Click again to unwatch.
7. User toolbar. Shows various things about your account, such as your user page, contributions, and the logout button.

III.Basic Editing
Let's say I ran into a typo on the Latale wiki. Like this one:

Obviously "Category" is spelled wrong. So to fix this, click on the edit button near the top of the screen.

From there, it will take you to the editing page.

Before you freak out saying "OMG SO MUCH TEXT" etc., use a search (control+f) to find exactly what you want to fix. But in this case, it's already noticeable. So just fix the spelling and it should look like this now.
*Note: be aware that all the symbols such as ==Terminology Category== is similiar to bbcode and will mess things up if you remove or change.

Once you finish editing, add a summary to what you did in the summary box (1). Also, since this is a minor edit (2), I'll check this box too. Once you finish reviewing, click the Save Changes button (3).

Tada, now that typo is fixed.

IV.Image Upload
Is there a missing picture in the wiki and you have it? If you do, this is what you do to upload it.

Here's the main wiki page. Click on the wiki you want to upload to. And from there, scroll down to the toolbox and click on Upload Image:

*NOTE: I realized that you can't upload images via the main page. Make sure to do this in the wiki you want to upload to, otherwise it might be in the wrong wiki or you will get a database error saying you can't upload.*

After that you'll come to this page:

Add the file that you want to upload from your computer, and add a destination file name (it will default to the name on your computer). After that, add a little summary of the picture and click upload. Just remember that you MUST use the permitted file types otherwise it may fail. It will also fail if you are trying to name a png file a different file type (gif, jpeg, etc).

V.Deleting Things off the Wiki

To prevent abuse, only wiki moderators and sysops are allowed to delete things. If you run into a page that doesn't belong there, add this to the very bottom of the code:


What that basically does is add it to the Category "Delete." From there, someone with deleting privileges will go and delete it from there if appropriate.

Some reasons to add things to the delete category:
1.Copy of another page/image/etc.
2.Irrelevant material (such as something that should be in the latale wiki is in the trickster wiki)
3.spam/gibberish pages (report it to one of the wiki staff if you see this)

VI. Other Stuff
If you still are like "omg I don't want to break anything," don't worry, everything done on the wikis are easily reversible. If you still feel uncomfortable, create a user page, and there you can use it as a "sandbox" to test things before you edit anything else. The best way is to practice and to ask for help. I learned most of this from other users here, honestly.

If you would like to learn more about wiki code, check these out:
Help:Contents/Editing Wikipedia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Help:Editor - Meta
Just remember it is a general guide, not ggFTW specific.

If you are still confused, either post a thread here, or contact me or one of the other wiki sysops.
You can PM me, leave me a message on my visitor profile, or contact one of the other wiki staff members. I'll try to be prompt in my answers.
Wiki Staff:
ggFTW - View Profile: Sidero
ggFTW - View Profile: Zegridathes

Chesters, Medoria, and the other wiki sysops for helping me learn some of the code
NoeJeko, for hosting this site and therefore the wikis
Sidero, for asking me to do this (otherwise it would have been left discarded in my blog)
People I may have forgotten (sorry ;__; )
You, for reading (or skimming) my guide

+rep if this was helpful plox?

Constructive comments are welcome (and I'll add you to the credits too!).

Medoria 09-27-2010 05:03 PM

Thanks for making this, super helpful for wiki newbies :)

Sandrie 10-11-2010 10:44 AM

Added the Wiki edit toolbar, since I'm sure bolding and italicizing is still simple enough. It's just a click of a button for all of them except one, anyway.

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