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LloydDunamis 07-21-2008 06:52 AM

Namespace affecting Links
I think I somehow understand about those namespaces to separate the games' wiki. I'll have my opinion/suggestion for something about it here. Lessee...

Because regular pages need to be moved to Namespace:page, the pages that link to that page (without the namespace) would need to be redirected to the one with the namespace. To avoid redirections (or rather confusion of what game it's included in), those links would be required to link to namespace:page instead of the page itself. But there are lots of pages!

I'm suggesting that when the page is renamed/moved to namespace:page, all the links in that page will be automatically linked with namespace:. (in case of categories and images, only its accepted two-letter acronym)

EX: A page named Restored Prescription contains a link to A Lycanthrope is In Love Event Part1 and is categorized in Quest Reward. Restored Prescription page gets moved to Trickster Online:Restored Prescription. Link and category are left as is. When I click to the A Lycanthrope is In Love Event Part1 link, wiki will find Trickster Online:A Lycanthrope is In Love Event Part1. For the category Quest Reward, it would be TO Quest Reward

... Something lika that ^_^;;. Just citing my ideas. You may improve it~

Medoria 07-21-2008 09:47 PM

uhh, this is not an automated process. All the links -will- be updated, but it's a lot of links, and the pages aren't all even in the right place yet. We can use all the man power possible to get the links and pages moved.

Zegridathes 07-21-2008 10:07 PM

It... is a gradual thing... some links are used in hundreds of pages... It will be a matter of time and community effort to get them all fixed up.

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