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Default GIF Image Help - Transparency, Cropping, etc.

Edit: It appears that the free GIF tools are gone.! Free Online GIF Tools

If you are ever in need of cropping something down to size, or making a transparent background, here is your site! GIFWorks has simple controls so that anyone can use it. One note though, sometimes the site loads a bit slowly, however, I usually find it to speed up as you go along.

To start out, click Open Image, under File. You can either use an image that is being hosted somewhere else on the internet, or upload your own image to use. (note, that GIFWorks will not save your image, so it is not an image hosting site.)

Next, you should see your image now, with the toolbars above it.

To crop the image down to the smallest size available (without cutting any pixels out from any frame), click Smart Crop, under Edit. Your image will appear again, this time, without any unneeded extra space around it. Some times you may need to use the Manual Crop. I suggest adjusting the Zoom before doing so, however, to make sure you are accurate.

To get a transparent background, simply look for Transparify, under Edit. A window will open, and click the color you wish to make transparent. (Careful, sometimes this may replace other colors you want un-transparent!)

Now, once you have changed the image to the way you would like it, you need to save it. Find Save, under File. Right-click the image and save it. Now you can use it to upload to the Wiki, or for whatever reason you use it for.

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