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NoeJeko 06-27-2008 09:36 PM

Wiki Contributor/VIP Group
The long-awaited VIP group has been added. If you feel you deserve promotion to the VIP group, please post here. The wiki moderation team will review your contributions and, if they are significant, they'll reply here and we'll add you to the group. Please don't request that we add you to the VIP group if you've changed one *word* on the wiki.

Wiki staff:

Medoria, Chesters, Zegridathes

This isn't just for wiki editors, it's for anyone the staff feels has made a major, non-monetary contribution to the board. Examples are members that run signature services, etc.

Just to clarify, a member of the wiki staff MUST post approval of your request to join before I'll add you. Wiki staff, please check this pretty regularly.

Medoria 06-27-2008 09:49 PM

Can do, Chief :D

Kotarou 06-27-2008 10:36 PM

*prods blue name*

Thank you, Noejeko-sama! \*0*/

WhatThePhuc 06-27-2008 11:15 PM

eehhh...everyone who participates in the guide event gets vip right?

NoeJeko 06-27-2008 11:17 PM

Yeah - VIP is for non-monetary contribution to the board left to the discretion of the staff.

hueyple 06-28-2008 07:09 PM

hmm sounds pretty cool
i think i'll want to be a VIP pl0x
i'm kind of new to the wiki editing but i'll get a hang of it
from trail and error mistakes

Solemn 06-28-2008 09:31 PM

I can scan and edit any Wiki for grammar mistakes and revision. ;) And I'll also be able to contribute to the Lunia Wiki through some character information or stage help. I'll especially be able to help with Eir sections and PvP (if any sections are on that topic). I've already added some basic information about the eight currently released characters.

TheCosmicLion 06-29-2008 07:34 PM

I'll try and get more info's for the Ragnarok section.

Joey 06-29-2008 08:53 PM

I'm already working on the Mabinogi section, so... I don't really need to be in the group. xD

I could be if you want me to though.

Khmer2k1d5 06-29-2008 08:55 PM

I've helped restoring the trickster wiki @_@;; I'll help with it more when new stuff comes. Well, that's about it for me.

Cait 07-06-2008 06:48 PM

Even though im not so active on the forums...
honestly, the community here scares me a little XD''

but i do edit the wiki quite frequently.. been busy lately.. so not so much on the new wiki..

but the old wiki i'd spend hours and hours and hours editing.. stay up all night, lol, its just so fun!!

If you look on the old wiki...(duno if you can still see such things or not ><) but 7/8ths of the character cards individual pages were added by me one day :o

I dont really care or not if i get put in the wiki contributor group.. But.. i guess.. just know that i like workin on it a lot :D

Medoria 07-20-2008 10:03 AM

If they haven't already gotten it I think Sirnaq and Sheep have been doing a lot for the wiki and deserve VIP. They've been helping us move a lot of the Trickster Online content to the new format and sheep has been helping out in the LaTale section as well. :)

NoeJeko 07-20-2008 11:03 AM

I added those two - I haven't added any yet because I was waiting on you guys to tell me who to add lol - surely there's more than just those two that deserve it.

* excluding staff - their staff group takes priority

Sirnaq 07-20-2008 03:00 PM

Woot I've been promoted!! Thanks ;)

I'd like to thank the following: my mom, my god, my grandma's goldfish and all those who have been there for me. [insert fireworks and special FX here]

I just hope this new title will allow us to spam and flame and random everywhere!! :D [insert more firew..*BLAAAAM!!*]

Medoria 07-21-2008 09:45 PM

I don't want to arbitrarily give out the status, so I only suggest people that have shown they are willing to not just add a few things here and there but rather will dedicate time and support in order to make the wiki a more useful resource. I'll post more as they emerge :)

Rolic 07-27-2008 02:48 PM

I have added some things to the Grand Chase and Concerto Gate Wiki, I plan on getting more character info for the GC Wiki, SO can I join :cool:

Adun 07-27-2008 06:36 PM

Oh, woot. <3

Someone else helping with the GC section now. :D

Medoria 07-27-2008 07:13 PM

I've only been suggesting people that have over a week of edits and over 1000 contributions :o

Rolic 07-27-2008 08:45 PM


Originally Posted by Adun (Post 80835)
Oh, woot. <3

Someone else helping with the GC section now. :D


Originally Posted by Medoria (Post 80890)
I've only been suggesting people that have over a week of edits and over 1000 contributions :o

Well thats cool, A diffrent color name isn't that big of a deal, All that matters is I'm helping to work towards a commen goal that will be benafital in the future. :cool:

Medoria 07-27-2008 09:10 PM

Thanks :) if you keep it up i'm sure you'll get VIP too :)

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