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Dragonite 12-12-2008 02:33 AM

[suggestion] Classes Link
Dunno if this would go under this or bug fix or whatever sorry.

I don't know how to edit the page well but under the Classes there seems to be acouple links off, the pages can be viewed normally if typed in the url right but not if clicked.
Wakfu:Class - Wiki

Mistake 1: Ecaflip's link is broken because the url says:
Wakfu:Ecafip - Wiki <--notice theres no "l" Ecaflip

Mistake 2: Pandawa's link is also broken because it just links to Osamodas as the link should be to Pandawa.

Once again sorry if this is the wrong place I just don't know where it goes/don't know how to fix the link problem. hope this helps and hope to help out again in the future.

Kudaranai 12-12-2008 03:13 AM

Everything is should be fine now, thanks for letting us know. Feel free to edit, or if you can't, make the threads in the wiki section and someone will get to it.

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