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Default Devblog 3/13/09 -- The Character Sheet

Source: Devblog 03/13/09 - The Character Sheet - Wakfu Forum


Here is the Friday post.
Today it's gonna be small, because it has been a long day. But I'll get back to that later.

The little post of today will discuss the character sheet and the characteristics.

You all know the current character sheet.
There you can find, among others, the characteristics such as strength, intelligence, agility, wisdom, chance...
ON top of this basic data, you can also find willpower, mastery of traps, and other ancillary skills that cannot be increased manually.

We are going to change all that.

Why change the current system?

Three main reasons for this.

Firstly: you have been many to voice your doubts on the benefits of leveling with the current system.
In the end, the fact that Wakfu's system is (much too) similar to that of Dofus was shocking you. OK.
This is understood, so we'll see what we can do about it.

Secondly: one thing was bugging us: although the evolution of spells was based on their usage, the evolution of the character (and its statistics) was manual.
So you can play fire spells all day, and still put all your points in strength to increase your damage with Earth spells later on.
This wasn't in line with our desire to make a game where "what you do is what you are".

Thirdly: We wanted to find a way that would allow each character to be different. The only way to distinguish two characters of the same class at the moment is to play on the items and maybe one or two different builds. A bit limited, we must admit...

OK, very good, so what's the new system?
It's relatively simple, and consists of three concepts: the characteristics, the aptitudes and the masteries.

The characteristics are those 5 well known little abbreviations: HP (hit points), MP (movement points), AP (action points), WP (Wakfu points) and initiative.
These characteristics are the main indicator of your character's abilities. You can't increase them directly, but through items, or through aptitudes (I'll explain this shortly).
So, to simplify: goodbye strength, intelligence, chance and wisdom.

The aptitudes are skills that your character can learn to evolve.
Each time you level, you gain aptitude points (5) which can be spent as you wish, when you wish, amongth 48 existing aptitudes.
I can already imagine you asking yourself "eh... what's an aptitude? Did I miss something?" So here are some of the "simpler" aptitudes that will exist:
Increased Constitution: each level in this aptitude costs 1 aptitude point and gives you 1 HP. Nothing new here, you'll tell me, this sounds much like Vitality... Indeed.
Lightning Reflexes: each level costs 2 aptitude points, and gives you +1 in Initiative. Ah, that's new.
Serpent's Suppleness: 1 aptitude point per level, +1% to avoid tackles.
GobBowl Player: 1 aptitude point per level, +1% to tackle.
Four-leaved Clover: 15 aptitude points per level, +1% critical hits.
Penny Pincher: 1 point per level, 1% extra Kamas gained from monsters.
Science of learning: 2pts per level, +1% experience at the end of a fight.
Action Man: 150 points per level (that's a lot, eh?), but ... you gain 1 AP.

I must immediately point out that these values are only for testing, are not definitive, and might very well (and quite probably) be modified.
But you get the idea.
There will be 48 aptitudes of this kind in total. Most of them will be for fighting, some will be specific to a class, others will be for professions.
The goal is to allow everyone to be able to choose precisely the way they want to play their character. You want lots of initiative to gain an extra turn more often? No problem, put everything on Lightning Reflexes. ON the other hand, don't complain if you don't have a lot of hitpoints...
In fact, by multiplying the possible choices, the character types are increased, and I bet that we won't have, like in many games such as Dofus or others, two, at max three ways of playing a given character class.
With this, all variants become conceivable.

The masteries, finally, are those bonus to damage and to resistance that appear depending on what you do.
There are four, which is one per element, and they evolve in two ways: either by practising a profession (in a small proportion), or by using spells.
Use a fire spell, and your mastery of fire will increase.
These masteries will correspond more or less to the bonuses that were previously given by intelligence, strength or agility. But from now on, the only way to boost these is to play spells that match them.

So what's is gonna look like?
Hehe, a small image being better than a long speech, here is a screenshot of what it looks like.
That way, you'll also have an idea of the new interfaces earlier than planned.

I await your remarks, and in the mean time, I'll go make another post on our progress.

Good reading!

Translated by Fulminata

A little note from me, Fulminata
I would like to point out that there is another progress report post, but it's frankly not very exciting to translate. It's just a state of where everything is at. With the conclusion that no, there won't be an update this week, or the next. In fact, there will be an update "when it's done".
I for one, applaud this attitude, but anyway...

So if you absolutely want to know the progress report, ask, and ye shall receive. Otherwise I'll wait a bit before bothering with the post :P

This is pretty intense. Something new that I havent' seen in any other MMORPG (that I can think of, at least). It's like, micro-tuning your character. I'm very interested to see how this'll play out.
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