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12-02-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Here, have a bunch of data. 8D

All damage is dealt via melee attacks while the monster is facing towards me. I avoided the damage bonus from completing your turn quickly. All criticals were omitted. Use of a Weapon, Dagger Proficiency, or my character did not leveled up at anytime during this.

Equipless - No equipment other than the single dagger I was using.
+8% Damage - Tofu Cape, White Gobbhose, and a Brouche De Glace for a total of +8% Damage and -2% Fire resistence.
Arachne Set - Arachne Helmet, Belt, and Ring. Stats added: +2% Critical, +21 INI, +20 HP, +25% Air damage, +5% Dodge, +5% Tackle, and +1% Damage.

Water - Dague Recive - +3% Wind damage, +3% Air damage, and -14 HP Water.
Air - Dague Assante - +1% Dodge, +8 INI, and -11 HP Wind.

Base Stats before equipment - 86 Agility and 102 Chance

After gathering all of this I'm kind of tired and don't feel like figuring a couple things out from it. So, I'll just throw it up here and you can all take a crack at it.

The spreadsheet. It was done in OpenOffice.

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