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Mega 02-16-2011 10:46 AM

Learn about new Enhance system.

Hi Mercenaries,

Let us introduce brand new Enchant system that allows your weapons or armors to be stronger or unique.

Enchanting is a process allowing magical scrolls to infuse weapons and armor with additional qualities, allowing you to further customize your equipment in Vindictus.

In addition, the name of the equipment will be changed to match the “prefix” or “suffix” of the enchant scroll.

What is needed

You will need 3 basic ingredients to perform an enchant.
  • Enchant Scrolls
    • There are two types of Enchant Scrolls: “Prefix” & “Suffix”. Only one of each enchant type can added to a piece of equipment.
    • Every enchant has a rank. The higher the rank, the more likely it is to reduce the item’s total durability if the enchant fails.
    • Rank 9 Enchant Scrolls have a chance of breaking the item being enchanted, should the process fail.
    • Enchant scrolls can be obtained as drops while running dungeons.
  • Magic Elixirs
    • There are three types of Elixirs:
      • Magic Elixir (1-10 br)
      • Blessed Magic Elixir (10-50 br)
      • Magic Elixir of Life (3-5 br)
    • These elixirs can be crafted by Brynn, in the Magic Laboratory.
    • NOTE: “br” is short for “Brynn”, a unit for measuring magic. Reilly invented this system of measuring magic and named the units after his student.
  • An item to be enchanted
    • Each Enchants Scroll can only be applied to specific types of items. Please check the description of each Enchant Scroll before using it.

How to Enchant

  1. Go to the Magic Laboratory.
  2. Click on the “Enchant” button at the top of the screen.
  3. A window will appear for you to place the Enchant Scroll and item to be enchanted in.
    • Left slot is for the enchant scroll
    • Right slot is for the item that will be enchanted
  4. Click on “Begin Enchant”.
  5. A secondary window to add a Magic Elixir will appear. (This is not mandatory for enchanting)
    • Add the Magic Elixir to the bowl. The goal is to get as close to 100 br as possible. The closer to 100 br, the greater the chance for the enchant to succeed.
    • Be cautious when adding Magic Elixirs though. Each elixir will add a random amount of br depending on the type used. Adding more than 100 br will greatly reduce your chances for success.
    • Magic Elixirs will disappear from your inventory if you cancel the enchant after adding the potions.
  6. When you are ready to enchant click on the “Begin Enchant” button.

Sounds a little complicated? Try first. You will soon found it's not as complicated as it sounds to create your own epic gears!!

- Vindictus Team-

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