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Mega 01-19-2011 12:16 PM

Version 1.17 Update: "Shadowed by Darkness"

Version 1.17 Update:
"Shadowed by Darkness"


The Blood Lord

One of the most terrifying and challenging raid bosses will arrive to Vindictus as the Blood Lord appears in the mission, "Shadowed by Darkness". Up to 6 players, Level 41 or higher, can team up to take on this vampire lord. Those who are successful may even find the materials they need to craft the coveted Nightmare Armor Set for Lann and Fiona or the Blood Lord Armor for Evie.

Nightmare Armor and Blood Lord Armor

Collect materials after defeating the Blood Lord and craft new weapons and armor
including Evie's Blood Lord Armor Set and the Nightmare Armor Set for Lann and Fiona.
America's biggest sports championship comes to Vindictus with the Football Event. Use a giant football to defeat boss monsters and show off your team spirit with special football avatar items.

Read more details HERE.
Event Ended
Fresh Out of The Oven event ended
Free Daily Item Giveaway event ended
Snow in Colhen / Beat the Glitches event ended
Rewards from "Tiger Tattoo" event have been sent out.

Surprise Supplies

Purchase the new Surprise Supplies for a chance to get legendary weapons, unique avatar items, AP Capsules, potions, tokens and more!

Read more details HERE.

Hair Styles

Moussed Shaggy Cut (Lann)
NX 1900 (30 Days)
LUK +7

Short Caesar Cut (Lann)
NX 1900 (30 Days)
LUK +7

Straight and Long (Fiona)
NX 1900 (30 Days)
LUK +7

Modern Boy Cut (Fiona)
NX 1900 (30 Days)
LUK +7

Ribboned Ponytail Hair (Evie)
NX 1900 (30 Days)
LUK +7

Cutie Pie Bun (Evie)
NX 1900 (30 Days)
LUK +7

Face Paint

Camouflage (All Characters)
NX 1490 (30 Days)
NX 3100 (90 Days)
NX 3900 (Permanent)

War Paint (All Characters)
NX 990 (30 Days)
NX 2100 (90 Days)
NX 2900 (Permanent)

Body Tattoos

Ascending Dragon (All Characters)
NX 2690 (30 Days)
NX 5500 (90 Days)
NX 6900 (Permanent)

Howling Wolf
NX 2490 (30 Days)
NX 5100 (90 Days)
NX 6400 (Permanent)

Sharp Fang
NX 1990 (30 Days)
NX 4100 (90 Days)
NX 5400 (Permanent)

NX 2490 (30 Days)
NX 5100 (90 Days)
NX 6400 (Permanent)

* "Tieve's Surprise Box" has removed.
* Snowball item and Holiday Sprit Pack are no longer available in Supply Depot.

<Bug Fixes>

Incorrect display of mail received has been fixed
Fixed issue which blocked some users from accessing Supply Depot and/or Marketplace.
Collect Tokens text reverting to Korean has been fixed
Name filter has been updated
Issues when chatting with multiple players on 1 on 1 has been fixed
Errors when creating new guilds has been fixed
Incorrect creation dates for guilds has been fixed
Displaying basic guild information have been fixed
Markers displaying ! ? and markers for various quests have been fixed.

Check out the video below to see more:

- Vindictus Team -

So no level cap increase :py56:

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