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Mega 12-15-2010 11:38 AM

Version 1.14 Update - 'Holiday Mayhem'

Network System Improvement
We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during the past few weeks as we worked on improving our network stability. It is our number one priority to make sure you can enjoy Vindictus on the best possible conditions.

We have been working on making changes to our network over past few weeks and will continue to make the necessary changes to meet the highest standards of quality. During this last maintenance the Vindictus servers were updated, and we are also planning on making more improvements the near future.

Once again we thank you for your support and sincerely hope you enjoy the game!

New Raid Boss

Laghodessa Raid

As Nyle and Brynn try to uncover the reasons behind the guardian spider’s sudden ferocity, the Crimson Blade Mercenaries face a Nightmare at the Ruins. Battle your way through the Ruins of Sanctity and face the monstrous raid boss, Thorn Laghodessa.

Laghodessa Slayer Set
The “Laghodessa Slayer” armor set is now available to be crafted.


Snow in Colhen

Snow has begun to fall in the town of Colhen, creating a winter wonderland for the townsfolk. They have gathered together to decorated the town and celebrate, and maybe forget the trouble lurking beyond their town’s walls.

Beat the Glitches
Something strange is happening with the Kobolds in Hoarfrost Hollow. They are dressing in green and ranting about their hearts being 3 sizes too small. These Glitches have stolen four fragments from their own who have shunned them, and Shayla wants to possess all four. She promises to give you an exceptional Holiday Hat if you help her get all the Christmas fragments.

Free Snowballs at the Supply Depot
Snowballs will be given away for free in the Supply Depot every day from 12/15/10 - 1/4/11. Be sure to visit the Supply Depot to get your free armament every day. These frozen projectiles are as cold as the Glitches hearts and have a chance of freezing your enemies in their tracks.

If you need an extra fix, Snowballs can be purchased from 12/15/10 -1/18/11 from the Supply Depot at the low cost of just:
- 490 NX for a 300 Bundle
- 990 NX for a 1000 Bundle

Click HERE for more information about the events!

NEW Items!

Forever Festive Pack
For a LIMITED time only PERMANENT Christmas Inner Armor will be available for purchase! Get the Forever Festive Pack and receive the following:

Christmas Inner Armor Coupon
This coupon is redeemable for one permanent Christmas Inner Armor from the Avatar Shop.

Christmas Necklace
Wearing this accessory will give you a joyful boost in Defense and Luck for 30 days.

Price: 18,900 NX
Available: 12/15/10 – 1/4/11
Note: You will ONLY be able to redeem the coupon between 12/15/10 – 1/18/11. Be sure to redeem this coupon between these times. All unused coupons will NOT be redeemable after 1/18/11.

Click HERE for more information!

Holiday Spirit Pack
Get in the spirit of the holidays by buying the Holiday Spirit Pack. The Holiday Spirit Pack includes:

Santa Hat
Get in the spirit of the holidays by wearing your own Santa Hat.

Bearded Santa Hat Quest
This special holiday quest is available with the purchase of the Holiday Spirit Pack. Completing this special quest will give you an even Jollier Christmas Hat.

1000 Snowballs
As a special treat we added a 1000 snowballs for you to enjoy.

Price: 3,900 NX
Available: 12/15/10 – 1/18/11

Click HERE for more information!

Body Tattoos
Body Tattoos are now available in the Avatar Shop. You can use these tattoos to decorate your Mercenary’s body.

Star of Victory
- 30 Days: 1,990 NX
- 90 Days: 4,100 NX
- Permanent: 5,400 NX

Fierce Eagle
- 30 Days: 2,490 NX
- 90 Days: 5,100 NX
- Permanent: 6,400 NX

Tiger Head
- 30 Days: 2,490 NX
- 90 Days: 5,100 NX
- Permanent: 6,400 NX

As Vindictus’ gift to you, all those who purchase a Tiger Head tattoo from 12/15/10 – 1/12/11 will receive the body and tail tattoo on 1/19/11 absolutely free!

Sultry Makeup
Available for Evie and Fiona.
- 30 Days: 1,590 NX
- 90 Days: 3,200 NX
- Permanent: 4,300 NX

Tough Guy Beard
Available for Lann
- 30 Days: 1,490 NX
- 90 Days: 3,100 NX
- Permanent: 3,900 NX

Facial Paint
Available for all Characters.

BOW and Arrow
- 30 Days: 990 NX
- 90 Days: 2,100 NX
- Permanent: 2,900 NX

Rising Ox
- 30 Days: 990 NX
- 90 Days: 2,100 NX
- Permanent: 2,900 NX

The Third Eye
- 30 Days: 990 NX
- 90 Days: 2,100 NX
- Permanent: 2,900 NX

Joy of the World
- 30 Days: 1,490 NX
- 90 Days: 3,100 NX
- Permanent: 3,900 NX

- 30 Days: 1,490 NX
- 90 Days: 3,100 NX
- Permanent: 3,900 NX

Bug Fixes
- Sweetie Bear Set can now be created
- Spam Prevention System has been updated
- Disconnection issues when searching for or launching a boat have been addressed
- Shayla's quest "Song of the Plains" text has been translated
- Various text issues have been fixed

-Happy Holidays from the Vindictus Team-
Yay for perma cash shop!

Eden 12-15-2010 12:03 PM

I really saw it coming with the Christmas permanent underwear.

brb, going to the store.

xdgr 12-15-2010 04:37 PM

they don't have stats do they?

eh, even with no stats I'll probably buy it anyway I guess

Jazzy 12-17-2010 12:49 PM

...a "Rising Ox" tattoo on the face...really???

Mega 12-18-2010 01:30 PM

Is the Santa hat in that christmas package permanent? I thought everyone was getting it from the christmas quest, but it's a rudolph hat :(

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