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Default Exclusive Vindictus Developer Diary and Screenshots! - Nexon - Curse put up an exclusive developer diary from Eun-Seok Lee, the director of devCAT Studio. Welcome to Facebook | Facebook

Our friends at Nexon have sent us an exclusive development diary regarding their upcoming MMO, Vindictus. Vindictus is an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG developed by devCAT and published by Nexon. The game is from Korea where it is Mabinogi: Heroes, and is related to the highly popular game from Nexon, Mabinogi. The developer diary is from Eun-Seok Lee, the director of devCAT Studios.

Dev Diary - Creating Vindictus

Vindictus started from an idea that creating a separate, independent game based on the dungeon play in Mabinogi might be interesting. It contains videogame-style action not seen in most online games. It can be said that Vindictus is the most action oriented RPG game.

The original Mabinogi is a game that is loved by fans of Japanese anime. For Vindictus, a spinoff of Mabinogi, we attempted to create a style that would be liked by a wider audience including adults. Although the basic game is based on Celtic mythology, we took references from various eras and regions to enhance the game experience. visuals offer a unique blend of Greece or Roman era as well as of the Huns, etc. Mabinogi and Vindictus share a common background, but they are two different stories. This is why they do not have a direct relationship despite having similar elements. Users who know Mabinogi will find elements from the original game that they will enjoy and users who have no knowledge of Mabinogi will still be able to fully enjoy Vindictus.

In order to highlight the action in Vindictus, we aimed to create an interactive experience with monsters as well as the surrounding environment. In order to do that, the online game play inside the dungeons had to utilize a physics engine. In accomplishing this feat, we focused on Half Life 2 and the Source Engine. As a result, we are proud of the detailed action found in Vindictus. Inside the dungeons, players can experience many portions of the dungeon breaking and collapsing during the battles. Most of the objects in the game can be picked up, thrown, and used as weapons. In fact, even the corpses of dead monsters can be used as weapons.

Just as the turn-based system employed in strategy simulation games has been replaced by RTS systems, future online games will become more action oriented. Because advancements in technology are allowing for more detailed expressions, what was once left to the imagination of players is now becoming more visible to the player.

The combat system in Vindictus is in the forefront of this trend and utilizes a fully fledged action game format. A hit will only register when a user ' s weapon makes precise contact with a monster minor-latin;s body and the monster is, in turn, impeded. It is completely different from the sedate combat method employed in normal MMORPGs.

Although the game play is more action based, we feel that the game will appeal to a wide range of gamers - MMO gamers as well as action gamers.

Vindictus is a game that has been made to be simpler with abbreviated processes compared to normal MMORPGs. There is no need to run around looking for party members or travel far to enter a dungeon. Players can make a party and enter a dungeon easily from the dock located next to town. These aspects differentiate Vindictus from MMORPGs, which may progress much more slowly.

Currently, the crafting system is handled by an NPC. Basic battles utilize four member parties, but certain battles utilize a raid format which allows for up to eight members. Our plan is to expand this to instanced dungeon levels prevalent in MMO games. For PVP, we are planning to include different modes and currently have the P match, which is a CTF style game.

We have a long list of features and content that will be developed in the future. Based on feedback from our players, new items will be added or deleted from this list. Some things that we consider crucial for a long term life cycle of the game will be maintained despite some fear from users. However, we want to add things that the players really want as long as they are possible. Unfortunately though, we will not be able to fulfill requests for things that go against the identity of the games or the acceptable worldview contained in the game.

Exclusive Vindictus Developer Diary and Screenshots! - Nexon - Curse

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